Wednesday, August 7, 2013

If We Took a Holiday..

[thanks Jenny]

Hiya box-shockers!

Welp, it had to happen sometime.  

After five years of writing this mess without ever taking more than a couple months off, Effing Dykes is going on holiday for awhile. 

I need a little break.  

A little break to recharge my gaydar batteries. 
A little time to reconnect (in real life! wtf!) with what I love most in this world: da queerz

I wanna have less screentime and more facetime, at least for a bit. 

[thanks selina!]

But don't worry, faggettes!  I'll be using this time to figure out where I want to take Effing Dykes in the future—for instance, should this blog become more of an advice column, where queermosexuelles write in and ask the questions burning in their bosoms?  (This is what I'm leaning towards.) 

I mean, should I just write endlessly about the characters from Orange is the New Black

[marry me, Laura Prepon]

Should I make haikus about cute baristas? Should I post once a day, but just really short posts? 

What do you think?  I'd love to know. 

Please write to me at whenever you miss me (so, every day?) or when you have an idea for Effing Dykes or when you just want to talk to a seriously opinionated bossy femme dyke about anything, anything at all. 

[it's meeee]

Without getting too gross and sappy, I love you all, and being a tiny part of your internet-lives means more to me than you can know.  

Now, write me, y'allfags, ya hear?