Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today On a Very Special ELECTION EDITION of Effing Dykes: In Which We Lose Our Shit Entirely

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Hiiii canyon-yodelers !

Everyone take a really deep breath.  

annnnnnnnd exhale. 

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OK I can't.  

I just really cannot.

*Warning*  This post is about THE ELECTION.  It's not specifically about dykes or gaydar. 

(I mean, the election has everything to do with dykes in general, but stop here if you feel like you'll pass out if you read one more hysterical person shrieking about politics. It's totes OK, you won't hurt my feelings. We'll be back with our regularly scheduled lezzer programming next time.)

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I haven't slept well for a week - there are black circles under my eyes and all I want to eat is frozen gluten-free bagels. 

It's the day of the election.  My vote is finally in.

It took three hours (not bad, right, Florida?)  at my local library, and then they almost didn't let me vote because they couldn't find me in the computer database and the address on my driver's license didn't match my current electricity bill.  

I panicked at the polling station. 

These people were serious: they weren't going to let me vote.  

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They weren't going to let me vote and I had just talked to a man in a Cosby-type sweater who was telling everyone within earshot that he was going to write-in "Charlie Sheen" on the ballot, "because at least then the debates would be interesting, right? Ha! Ha!"

[thanks Anna R!]

I stood behind the desk at the polling station, waiting for them to find my name and confirm my identity, holding my coat, watching person after person be found in the database and then vote with no problem.  

I had already registered.  If they couldn't find me in the database now, I was fucked, because my passport was lost somewhere in my house.  I'd been searching for it for weeks; there was no way I'd find it before the polls closed. 

This was it: my only chance to vote. 

[thanks Elisa]

The woman doing the database searching had a fake bun pinned to the back of her head and long fingernails painted with gold and black swirls.

She took a lengthy swig from a Pepsi, supremely unconcerned with the fact that I'd already shat my intestines all over the floor from the stress. 

Her fingernails clicked loudly as she searched my name. 

"Hmm...looks like you don't exist, honey. You sure you registered?  Ok, hang on...Burton, Burton...well, we've gotta Barton. A Kristy Barton. Born in '67, though, so I guess that leaves you out, unless you gotta a new kinda face lotion I don't know about! Ha! Ha!" 

[thanks Britt G]

Droplets of blood mingled with the cold sweat on my forehead. 

I needed to vote.  I had to vote. 

My parents were voting for Mitt Romney and so, apparently, were an appalling portion of the people I'd grown up with, judging from their Facebook statuses.

Twitter feeds were beginning to haunt my dreams. 

Click...clickclick...click went the gold and black fingernails. 

Rustle rustle rustle went the hordes of people pushing past me to the voting booths.

"Are you sure your old address was within the city of Chicago, honey?"


I felt faint. 

The sides of the table I was standing behind were made of a flaking black plastic. I began to pick at it with a studied concentration.  

I was sweating like a criminal.

"Found ya!" The woman searching the database was holding a cell phone, grinning triumphantly. 
She'd just called "downtown" and "confirmed my identity" and suddenly, without fanfare, I was a registered voter. 

I could vote.

She handed me my voting card with an air of supreme satisfaction and pointed me in the direction of the polls. 

Clutching the precious voting card with hysterical and slightly shaky fingers, I...I...I got a little misty-eyed. 

This lady had spent 25 minutes trying to help a single person vote, when the line was backing up out the door of the library and everyone was glaring at us and all the other people working at the polls had processed about 50 people each in the same amount of time. 

Now here was someone making a difference.

[thanks Hope S.]

Unlike me.

I've been doing nothing constructive whatsoever - just worrying pretty much 100% of the time for the last two months.

I've been devouring any and all articles relating to the election, avoiding all phone calls with parents (because last time we talked about politics, my mom choked up while telling me about the goodness of Mitt Romney), and spending time at work forwarding links to GIFs of Romney making terrifying faces or links to articles dissecting Romney's over-dark spray tan during his speech on Univision
[c'mon now]

I've been watching the debates and reading passionate columns and hooting over The Daily Show and pretty generally hoping that my personal, endless supply of worry will be enough to do some good. 

Some of my friends actually work for Obama's campaign. 

[OMG Nellie take a nap]

If I'm this stressed about the election, I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be them. 

CJ is tired, too.
[These guys really nap like this.]

I keep waking up in the middle of the night and FREAKING OUT on her about the fact that Mitt Romney might become the President and all the Planned Parenthoods will close and half the nation will be delighted (as well as be buoyed in their righteous and fervent belief that queers need to be smeared, or at least just quietly vanish)  and we will suddenly have a supremely wealthy, white Mormon man who is an aggressive bully as our highest government official and women will go back 50 years in time and corporations will be people and and health care will only be affordable to the rich (wait that's already true) and all the states that were hit by Hurricane Sandy will understandably be too busy trying to find food and shelter to be voting and THEN WHAT???

I'm also waking up at night over the idea that people in will vote YES in Minnesota and my sweet adorable ghey friends won't be able to officially officially get married.

[thanks Amanda and Cayla! Aw, you guys.]

Everything is reaching burnout mode.  

This election needs to be over.  

I am running out of Tums and I haven't been out researching lesbian gaydar at all.  

[thanks Bee!]

I'm not myself.  
I haven't even checked a girl out in what feels like weeks.  

[thanks Britt G.]

It's serious.  

The coffeeshop where I hang out just got a hot new barista and I barely even looked up from my McSweeney's 90 Reasons essays.  

(I was drinking decaf at the time - I haven't had coffee in several days because I feel like I might shatter my mug from gripping it too hard.) 

And I'm pretty sure almost everyhomo feels this way.  
[thanks Liz C.]

We need to pick a president (and could it please not be Mitt Romney? kthnx.) 
Life as we know it is on pause.

Is this what it feels like to be an all-the-time rabidly political mo? How do you politidykes do this??? 

I need to go back to allowing myself to be occupied with stupid shit, such as the fact that Timothy Maxwell Thumperton was Wonder Woman for Halloween.  

[He was! I asked him what he wanted to be and he made a beeline for the Wonder Woman costume! He even has a liddle gold lasso! My bebeh bun!!]

Amazing events like this used to matter.  

I used to think about rabbits in Halloween costumes.

I used to think about stuff like gay girls and sex and boobs and how to tell a crush of mine she's a crush of mine but then have it not be weeeeeiiird later. 

[thanks Fin S.]

Are you homosexuelles feeling like this, too?

How are y'allfags doing out there?  



  1. I was an election official once, in an internal party election, not a public election. But still the feeling of responsibility was very strong. That is what your election official probably felt. Despite what her private politics are, she was determined to do her job as a loyal and patriotic American.

  2. I can't even begin to describe how stressed I am over this election, and I'm not even going to try.
    Let's just say I'm in near-panic mode and can't function well, and that's putting it lightly.

  3. I've been worrying and stressing for the last few months, and it's like every day all the stress and worry from the last day adds to today's specific stress and worry, and so it just builds and builds until it's a giant ball of unhappiness. I am so not getting anything done today.

    But on the bright side, I have a date tomorrow with someone new and very attractive. The election will be over and I will be happy and everything will be good! Yes.

    As long as Mitt Romney doesn't win. Because fuck that guy.

  4. But... you did it! You can sort of relax now, right? But then, if I hear one more person say that the election will take until next week, because of the hurricane, I might start shaking too.

  5. I'm worried sick (literally. So sick.), I forget sometimes that I live in a little liberal arts college bubble where everyone loves us gays. But then I realize that almost half the country doesn't want us and I get inconsolably sad.

    Regardless, I'm in line right now to vote no in minnesota!

  6. Just think! In 8 hours it will all be over.

  7. I can only imagine how worried you guys must be right now. Im not even from America and im seriously worried that someone like Mitt Romney could be elected president. It just doesn't make any sense!
    Makes me really appreciate the fact that I live in a country where gay people have the same rights as everyone else, and no one is trying to take those rights away from us

  8. Even though my ass is safe, living i a country where samesex unions have been legal since before I was even born, I still feel my blood preassure rise a little when I read about the US election - I can only imagine how stressing it must be for you guys...

  9. I'm pretty sure I'm moving to Canada if Romney wins. Mostly because I've had it up to HERE *motions to forehead* with people I know telling me about the wonderful majesticalness of Mitt Romney and calling me a Mormon-hater.
    It's immature, but the minute I hear Obama has won, I will be running around screaming "HAHA! SUCKONTHAT, MOTHAFUCKAS!!"
    I for one, cannot wait.

  10. 1. Wonder-Bunny is adorable.
    2. I want that Butch Please hat in the worst way.
    3. I'm avoiding FaceBook and most political discussions these days, because it's too stressful to deal with the fact that people (apparently lots of them) actually, in 2012, don't want me to exist. It's so shocking.

    1. You can buy it here! http://thugzmaison.bigcartel.com/product/butch-please-cap

      I know the person who made them, and I have one, too. :)

  11. all i can say is... as a fellow lesbo, i am freak-fuck-ing out! thanks for reminding me that i'm not the only one out there.

  12. If Romney wins, I'm gonna steal thousands of gallons of precursor "Breaking Bad"-style and render liquid-form contraceptives and pour it into various Red State water supplies to stop all the Christian breeders from conquering the demographics for the next 2 generations.



  14. Hey Krista,

    I totally understand what you're thinking and feeling. I'm over in Seattle, where Ref 74 is on the ballot to permit same-sex marriage. It's terrifying that my future could be decided in a matter of hours by a bunch of strangers in Washington. I, too, am also scared of Willard Romney, and even more furious at our incredibly broken election and political system in this country.

    Before I jump off the deep end of rant-ville, I will say this: if we do have a president Romney, one can only hope that he royally screws up to restrict his destruction to 4 years and not 8.

  15. As a lesbian couple, my gf and I are completely sick of the rhetoric coming from the gay community towards Mitt Romney. We both support him, and gave him our votes this afternoon. There's such a push for the 'religious right' to stop saying horrible things towards the GLBT community, but the majority of GLBT does the same exact shit back. Where is the tolerance in both communities?

    "If Romney wins, I'm gonna steal thousands of gallons of precursor "Breaking Bad"-style and render liquid-form contraceptives and pour it into various Red State water supplies to stop all the Christian breeders from conquering the demographics for the next 2 generations."

    This may be funny to you anon, but to a lesbian who lives in the south, and has a much more tolerant/open mind, this is terrible/unacceptable rhetoric.

    It seems like the gay communitys only concern is with themselves, and place their votes solely based on social issues. I could give a shit less right now whether or not my gf and I can get married, but am much more worried about getting a good job in this shit economy, being able to pay the bills, my constitutional freedoms, and the future of America.
    These things are far more important than simply my need or want to get married. The future of our country is at stake and I would rather give up a little of my own personal happiness so that future generations don't get suckered into Obama's socialist overhaul.

    1. So, we have to tolerate prejudice from the privileged majority now?

    2. It seems as if you have missed the point-Mitt Romney is a rabid racist, and is not only against gay marriage but WOMEN'S FUCKING RIGHTS, not to mention affordable healthcare or ANY help for those people who aren't wealthy. I don't think that gay people are so stupid that they aren't voting for Mittens due only to his stance on gay marriage. I felt like crying after reading your comment. Fellow queers voting for someone like that makes me feel like there's no hope left.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. First of all Anon2, the "Breaking Bad" precursor comment was a joke. Anybody who even failed Chem 101 can tell you that it wouldn't work because of solubility problems and the disastrous effect it would have on the ecosystem. That's what the "YEAH SCIENCE BITCHES" punchline was for: it's another "Breaking Bad" reference.

      Secondly, I do agree with you about the double standard, and I don't support it, which is why I couldn't make the comment with a straight face (pun intended).

      Thirdly, I made the comment as a jab at Romney's presence in the White House. Romney's a puppet, he always has been. He's obviously done whatever it took to court the most rabid voters in the nation by pandering to their outrage, which is not the technique of a determined leader but rather someone with no personal agenda other than winning. He's nothing.

      But Romney's winning for a position to wedge in his political allies, who have long-term goals beyond a 4-8 year presidential term. Ever since Reagan brought the Religious Right into the fray, they've made it their goal to turn America into yet another Judeo-Christian theocracy and their primary objective has been to use the majority representation vote on their side, and to do that, they need numbers. That means they need children, and that means they can't allow the bearers of children to have a say in their participation. Why else do you think abortion/birth-control is such a big issue for them? Because those things interfere with their breeding programs. They'd rather unwanted children be given up for adoption, where those orphans can be scooped up and raised by missionary Christian parents who will raise them to be values voters. If people who don't want children don't conceive, then the RR gets nothing. My comment was meant to attack that concept by suggesting we should attack their fertility to thwart them.

      Romney's puppetmasters want to establish a Judeo-Christian theocracy or at least the kind of Conservative Republic they had in the 50s, when they had dominance over the culture. And that means that you and your girlfriend might enjoy the economic prosperity for a few days before the police arrest you and have you institutionalized for sexual reeducation. After all, your sexuality makes you a deviant to the Romney Administration, but your wombs make you a valuable asset. And since they don't care much for your consent as women to begin with, they won't think twice about taking your kids and giving them away to decent, white, Christian parents who will teach them to harass, attack, and kill you.

    5. He does have Jesus on his side, though. And we all know this is a Christian nation, all the way back to the founders of this Great nation.
      They even said, in the Treaty of Tripoli with President John Adams (2nd president, 1797), "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion..." Oh, oops. Maybe not.
      At least he's ready to crush all minorities. We need strong leaders like that. I can't wait for him to take the heel of bureaucracy and grind my rights into dust, don't you?

  16. Andrea: No one should ever tolerate prejudice. You simply don't answer prejudice with MORE prejudice. And that's what the GLBT community does.

    1. so everyone just shutup and let the rich white mormon man win, okay?


    2. Being tolerant doesn't mean tolerating other's INTOLERANCE.
      The GLBT community has it's issues but we're not trying to take away others' rights to marry or bullying people into suicide.

    3. Reverse psychology anyone?

  17. i mean, i've lived in utah my whole life, i know exactly what it's like living somewhere dominated by mormon ideas. i know how mormons feel about women, queer, and POC (both separately and intersectionally)and i am fucking terrified of how a while male mormon would lead this country.

  18. I voted for the VERY FIRST TIME this morning (I turned 18 two days before election day!!! Juuuuust made it!!) and my state's undoubtedly going for Obama. I'm still chewing my nails (oknotreally I just got a manicure) watching MSNBC's numbers scroll by. At least I have Rachel Maddow' sexy brainy voice to listen to.

  19. I respect anyone who actually goes out to vote. Personally, I can't see the benefits of Romney's government - it seems like a major step backwards to me. To me, he stands for rich white guys. Women will step backwards, poor people will step backwards, human rights will go backwards... it's just not cool. I'm not gonna get into a flame war, but it just isn't for me.

    I can't even say, "good thing I live in Canada!" Because we're attached at the hip. Right now, we've got Harper, who might as well be Romney. He stands for rich white guys. And it's a big step back.

  20. Anon1: Guess Republicans/Tea Partiers aren't the only ones with conspiracy theories!

    So Mitt Romney and the 'religious right' are planning to institutionalize me/my gf and steal our children, then teach them to kill us? Give me a fucking break!

    I've grown up in the deep south with nothing but Christian neighbors, and more churches per square mile than New York City has hipster bars. Christians and the 'religious right' are the nicest, most caring and giving people in the world.

    People like you are the reason we have no desire to be accepted by, or a part, the GLBT community.

  21. Regardless of political ideals, there is very little that is healthy or productive about people from any community trying to cyber battle about something we really can only do so much over. Perhaps if everyone's friendly christian neighbors were encouraged to be more open minded "love the sinner hate the sin" type stuff, queer folks would feel less defensive. My whole family is very christian, and although I have a tough time even being interested in religion, it does seem like it could be a healthy, positive, and effective way for people from all walks of life to come together for some type of greater good.
    I am also very fond of the part in out constitution that discusses the SEPARATION between church and state. So all this talk about ANYTHING to do with religion mucking up what should be a political process for the good of ALL CITIZENS is fairly disturbing. Yes, I'd really like to be able to invite the guys on missions into my home, because I know quite a few mormons who do some wonderful things, but it is pretty hurtful when they talk about trying to save or fix me. A lot of people I know in the queer community had a hard time coming out because they were afraid of being disowned by religious family members, and it seems like it would make a lot more sense for people who worship the god of abraham (christians, jewish people, muslums) to treat their neighbors the way their various holy texts tell them to treat all people.
    If people really want any type of positive change, its going to have to start with EVERYONE being willing to accept, tolerate, and even respect people with different ideas so that we can alter the course of our current culture which seems to value money, oppression of others, and using everyone else so they can move higher on whatever ladder they are climbing.

  22. 'Scuse me but this election is called,
    and as a minor, who is a queermo, and split eight packets today (door to door making sure people voted) who helped some older people vote, and an older hispanic man who just attained citizenship but didn't speak much english yet figure out all everything he needed to vote, that election was pretty damn gratifying. It was also really panic-inducing, but I find that pulling on your boots and doing some campagin work can actually help calm you down. I was also given a bunch of gay and Obama-esque swaaag. I feel pretty boss, and happy four more years of not sucking!

  23. You weren't the only one freaking out, promise! I've shit enough bricks these past few days to probably build a pretty nifty mansion...
    I'm proud to say that at least for the next few years: My vagina is still my own (yay!!), and I can still *openly* serve my country (score one for the gorgeous lezzies in uniform). Commencing celebration

  24. ruh roh it's a partisan comment battle. i like reading happy sharing comments more.

  25. I also was on pins and needles... and I live in Canada!! So so glad its all over! I can breathe for another 4 years

  26. How is possible being in a modern western country in 2012 non the less that we have to vote for things like a womens right to planned parenthood, the right to marry who you love and the opportunity to raise a child... jeez

  27. *exhales*

    My mom and me confessed to each other that we were on pins and needles for the last few days, but didn't want to say anything out loud. Didn't want to check the polls until the finish.

    We both exhaled this morning.

    We're not from the USA, but the other option spelled out "JINGO! JINGO! JINGO" for us in big flashing letters.

  28. I've been a stress case for MONTHS over the two amendments in Minnesota. No sleeping, near tears, no exercise, losing my brain over the idea of hate and discrimination making their way into the state constitution. Lemme tell you this: it felt better to get involved and volunteer and fight for what was at stake. Only then did I feel remotely in control of anything. And we fucking won. Now I know that fighting back is actually easier than fretting.

  29. I'm so happy for your sake that Obama gets another four years! I'm not American, I can't vote, I'm on the other side of the ocean but I've spent a week feeling nervous to. America's politics doesn't just affect your country, if the economy goes down it spreads across the world, and so does it's stands on political wiews. I was freaked out! Would they actually elect such a sexist, bullying, hateful man to lead their country? Didn't they know the things I knew about Romney from reading newsfeeds on Tumblr? That this man got any votes at all is hard for me to understand.

    Atleast now we don't have to worry for another four years :)

  30. For the first time in any state, voters have approved gay marriage by referendum. Maryland, fuck yeah!!

    (Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.)

  31. I am sooooooooooo relived that America didn't vote in some dude who thinks dinosaurs and people lived together in bliss and harmony... (and I'm not even american).

  32. Do you think we might be able to get married now and not have to live in some coastal state that is full of rain?? I mean if he repealed dadt, couldn't he make it so that we lezzies in the southwest can make merry??

  33. i'm sorry, you lost me at the first picture of Britt G. when the heart palpitations started.

  34. Those twitter comments were quite interesting, looks like you have some racist friends : /

  35. Now that the election is over and I'm safe- I have to tell you that I spent a good 20 minutes squealing and showing my family when I saw myself in the blog this month!!! :D I knew my corgi was my homo passport. Thank you for this though- election season was weird this year- but Referendum 74 passed in Washington so the Seattle 'Mos get to get hitched now. :)

    1. YAY for queers with corgis! My wife & I have one, too, and we're convinced corgis are just like carabiners.

  36. I'm Australian and EVERYONE I know here is thrilled about Obama's reelection! I sat crying while watching his speech. What your country does affects a lot of what subsequently happens in lots of other countries, and the reelection and passing of same-sex marriage laws means A LOT!! Thanks :)

  37. Regarding gaydar, am I the only one that notices the prevalence of nose rings in our little gay world?

  38. I should probably preface this by saying that I am not gay, and therefore I do not know how difficult it is to be gay and to face discrimination over how my heart (and coochie) feels. But I do feel like screaming in the face of everyone who opposes gay marriage and equality for homosexuals that this is a CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE.. not a political or religious issue! How is it ok to treat people differently because of a book written several hundred years ago? Homosexuality has always been and WILL ALWAYS BE... so what the fuck is all this debate about?! Just because Angela and Christine or Mark and Dan want to get married does not mean that I will not be allowed to marry a man. It will not make my marriage (should that ever happen) any less valid.

    *sigh* I'm sorry. End rant, I think. I just don't know how to argue for it. It's like.. how do you argue that the sky is blue? It just fucking is. It's just fucking the right thing to do to allow all people to live equally. DAMNIT!

    Also.. does anyone else think that Romney sounds like a used car salesman? Like he KNOWS he's selling you a lemon, but he just doesn't give a fuck. Really, he would probably be happier to sell you that lemon, becuase it's like he thinks that means he's smarter than you. UGH so now end rant lol.

  39. Krysta - as a rabidly political dyke who was working on a ballot measure in Florida and got my Virgina absentee ballot denied (that's right dykes, I DIDN'T GET TO FUCKING VOTE AND I WILL LEVEL THIS STATE OVER IT)
    I'll tell you our secret. We replace sleep with energy drinks for at least 6 weeks, and survive of Taco Bell since that's the only fast food place you can get something remotely vegan. We have mini break downs as we get closer and closer to the election, and then the beer starts. And finally, after the election, we crash. We crash so hard that I just woke up.

  40. As the queeriest daughter of a Tea Partying father, I felt that nervousness and anxiety. I felt sort of like everyone voting for Romney really hated me.

    And now? I totally just feel really awkward calling up my dad because SUCK IT, CONSERVATIVES.

    Also, my absentee ballot in Washington helped legalize marijuana AND same-sex marriage, fuck yes Northwest!

  41. Finnaalllly a new post!! Krista, I know you complain when people tell you to post more because you have a real life but like... don't you realize how HUGE your blog is?? I really wish you would commit... like commit the same day each month to a post, or commit to a hiatus or commit to shutting it down. It's unfair to string us along like this. It's annoying to keep returning to the website every week and seeing no update. There must be some blogger etiquette that states you shouldn't leave your readers in the lurch. I love your blog, but like, give us a little insight as to what's going on? Is the blog slowly dying?

  42. I don't live in the USA, but if I did, I'd have voted for Barack Obama just to keep Michelle in the White House. She's pretty damn rad. Oh, and he was the better choice if you're a dyke and a liberal feminist, of course. But come on, y'all. Michelle for president 2016? :D

  43. Everytime I watch this, I tear up out of pure joy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J17CWf_oGEY

  44. I love love love this blog and appreciate the time you put into it. I have a question; why did you sit and worry when you could have DONE something(by "you" I mean both you yourself and all of my LGBT friends who watched the L word instead of volunteering and all those in the LGBT community who were "too busy" to get involved even for a couple of hours)? Why did you literally sit there and watch this play out when you could have been a part of this?? Why didn't you help register voters or knock doors to persuade voters or help get people out of their houses and on their way to their polling place or bake a cake for an Obama office? I'm bi. I'm politically active(gave the past year of my life to the Obama campaign and i'm not stopping). My gay friends, however, are anything but. As gheys and HELLO, as WOMEN, shouldn't we understand and appreciate the place that politics(whether we like it or not) holds on our path to legal/legitimized equality?! Shouldn't we all ask ourselves, "if not now, when? If not me, then who?"??? Shouldn't we all leap at the amazing and unique opportunity that we have to influence the future of our people?! Sure, most of us(it's sad that I can't say ALL of us) vote, but in order for us to overcome all of the conservative monsters trying to tear us down and take away any and all rights we've already gained, we have to do more! Is this why our LGBT ancestors rose up against hatred and bigotry and ridiculous inequality with sit-ins and riots and lawsuits and Supreme Court cases? Just so that we could sit back and worry and fret and HOPE that things get better? HOPE that we don't get totally screwed by the system over the next four years? WE are the ones who can change the world, but not if we're too goddamn lazy to try.

    1. Hey, from one politically active dyke to another: I hear your frustration, but for one thing it's not just about laziness. It's also about not feeling empowered to act, and not knowing how we *should* act--and more importantly, what kind of social justice we should learn on the way to it. And one's political activities depend on how much one is forced to stand up for oneself, how much time and money one has, and what we are good at.

      That said, anything and everything we do is potentially political, in the sense of changing the culture around us. There are so many contexts where queer people speaking up, being joyfully ourselves, make a difference. It's not just about laws, and who the country votes for.

      Krista's an artist, or a writer, however you count this blog; her work empowers dykes all over the Internet. And that's awesome. She's also in an open relationship, and writes about that in a frank way that challenges the value of repressive norms, marriage etc. I would want more inclusive perspectives, but the thing is, right now we queers, we dykes especially, are starving for art that represents us at all.

      In short, don't underestimate the value of people doing what they actually love to do.

    2. That is an extremely valuable perspective, and one that I am reminded of often but that I equally as often forget. The value of actively challenging and changing the norm and mores of our country/world is immeasurable and does need to be appreciated. While I sometimes think that we would not be fighting such an uphill battle if everyone in our community were politically active, you're entirely correct in noting that everyone has their place in this movement and that we are all individual and crucial parts in making this world a more equal place. Thank you :)

  45. sophie shiloh, please understand that not everyone who can comment on a blog is able to be politically active in the well known sense, i.e. volunteer hours, canvassing, phone calls. those of us who are quiet or people shy might not find those activities to be our best strengths. each citizen should do what she or he CAN do. For my part, I talked with right wingers about why I side with Obama. And I contributed as much money as I could to his campaign. And I wore one of his campaign T shirts whenever I went grocery shopping and made sure too, to make eye contact with people while I did it. It might sound small to you, but many smalls equals a big. Effingdykes, I too was extremely stressed out. I am late to the party as always, but if you're reading this, please listen to my final point. Don't relax. Keep paying attention, keep getting involved, but this time, save some time for bunnies and rock concerts and girl watching. Thanks a trillion to those of you who voted, put in efforts, or even just argued with your parents. Thank you.

  46. Have you left the country, m'girl? More than a month and no new post. I think federal legislation is pending that will require more frequent posts from you.

  47. New blog, please.


  48. Can you please please write again?


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  51. Hey Rookie Mag looks awesome. That's super cool that you are writing for it. I'm glad I read that on your site instead of just looking sadly at my blog feed that there was still no new post. No pressure! But we miss you. Happy Holidays.

  52. Disappointed that this blog seems to be over the hill :( :( :(

  53. Krista please come back, I always look forward to a new post! :(

  54. The rare-ness of posts lately makes me sad.

  55. Pleeeaassee post soon, I'm having withdrawal in Cincinnati.

  56. It's a new year, i think it's time for another post!!

  57. Two months? :( So much sadness from Japan...

  58. Krista, I hope everything is okay. Could you just shut this down if you're not into it anymore, make a parting post and close down comments or something? Its so sad to see everything riddled with spam comments and never updated. I'm disappointed and all, but I'd rather see it end on a good note than be all internet wasteland-y.

  59. Krista. Youre killing me. Please come back to us.

  60. Please come back! I used to check this blog every few weeks and there would always be a post waiting for me. Now, I come here very rarely, and not out of expectation but of nostalgia.

  61. Okay, so from the 6th to the 9th, gay enough to push me to comment. Nah, but really, we miss you and would love updates. Of the 'what's happening, why have you left us' kind. It's a bit like a relationship in which the partner just up and left. Kinda bewildering and saddening. Oftentimes, we form small fixtures in our life that we depend on, and while I may not depend on your updates, it is a source of pleasure that I'd be sad to be bereft of (as I am now). More importantly, I hope you and your life are going swimmingly and you're just having a swell time of it, leading to less posts. But let us know so we can be happy for you instead of mourning your loss, kay?

  62. What do we want? More dykes!
    When do we want them? Now!

  63. Kristaaaaaa!!!! I hope you are okay, I'm worried without your regular updates. I hope that whatever is going on in your life gets better soon so that you can come back to us, we love you!

  64. Krista! I am an out and proud bisexual ex-Mormon woman. I was FREAKING out over this election. On the night of the election, while watching the results come in, I was literally in tears. When Obama was announced the winner I started sobbing. My roommate thought I was nuts.

    You weren't alone! :)

  65. I just had to say - "Is this what it feels like to be an all-the-time rabidly political mo? How do you politidykes do this???" grl YES, Dykes To Watch Out For is not even exaggerating, that is us p much 24/7.

    Minus the bits about never having time for thinking about / having sex.

  66. I know there are no white people in that voting line photo, but that's where I voted and I am pretending super hard that I can see the back of my head.

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