Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Put a Mo on It

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What's new,  mud-flappers?

Would you do me a favor?

Would you tell me what you had for breakfast?

In rich, syrupy detail?
Because I am doing...

A cleanse.
Thaaat's right.  

Six weeks of:  no sugar, no coffee, no extra salt, no meat, no cheese, no excess oil, no refined carbohydrates, and no hope or happiness or fun or sunshine ever ever ever again.
[thanks Dani!]
Just 42 days of green vegetables, fresh fruit, beans, and nuts.  

Fucking raw almonds.
For someone who's able to stand naked in the pantry and calmly eat a half pound of Sour Patch Kids before even saying "Morning", this is QUITE A CHANGE.

My systems are down.
I'm weak.

Even my gaydar skills feel shaky.

I went to a free outdoor Iron and Wine concert in Millennium Park the other night, and there was a tight cluster of what looked like cute lil' hipster dykes sitting near us, but I wasn't sure.  

Pretending to pay attention to the music, I watched them out of the corner of my eye.
I had juuuuust decided they were plain hipster girls, not hipster dykes, when one of them stood up, turned around, and started waving to her friend across the park.

She was wearing this:

What a classic that shirt is.  
One of the original "funny lesbian" t-shirts. 

I love it.

No, you know what?
I pretty much just love gay-themed crap in general.
[via MetalTaboo,]
Which makes June my favorite month.

Because...what is June?

June is Pride month, hooraaaaay!!!

Time for parades! 
And special club nights! 
And Pride outfits! 
And picnics and throngs of homos and glitter and shit tons - I mean SHIT TONS - of gay-themed crap.


I'm a total sucker for any product relating to gayness, especially lesbian-centric gayness.

Slap a rainbow/dykey symbol/lezzie smartass phrase on any piece of shit you can find - literally, it could be a used enema kit from a dumpster in Boystown - and I will go "OMG I NEED THIS" and cheerfully slap down my rent money.  

'Cause it's for gays!  

Hey, I'm a gay!
[thanks kameko!]
And you know something?

I think advertisers miiiiiiight have figured that out.
[via whitetr4sh]
They've got my number.

They know I can't not buy the witty lesbian t-shirt.

They know a rainbow symbol is the hammer that smashes open my piggy bank.
I'm delighted to be recognized!

I'm thrilled to be catered to by Old Navy!
My gosh, I've just been sitting here, wondering what to blow all my disposable income on! 

I'm just so happy to be able to purchase products with my gayness in mind! I?

That's what we're talking about today, homos.

It's almost Pride, and it's almost time for us queers to spend millions and millions of dollars on gay crap, making lots and lots of corporations rich. as. hell.
And I'm wondering:

What do you sluts think about the recent explosion of geared-towards-us marketing?

Are you happy to be pandered to like any other ol' American consumer?

Do you take it as a sign of mainstream integration?

Are you fucking insulted to have your sexual identification reduced to glittery rainbow stickers and Target-sponsored rainbow temporary tattoos?

I'm so torn.

It was all fun and games at first.  

There were Freedom Rings.  

And bumper stickers.  

And a few cute t-shirts.  


But Ellen and Queer As Folk and Will and Grace and The L-Word did something else while they were busy breaking barriers and wearing out our DVD player's rewind buttons with Shane/Carmen make-out sessions:

They introduced queers as a new market for targeted advertising.
It was a totally new idea.

You could sell mainly to fags and still. make. money.

Well hole-lee-SHEE-it.

If you've been to a Pride festival lately, you know it's a fleet of advertising booths and corporate sponsors, along with the usual oiled up dancing guys, PFLAG families, marchers, drag queens, and dykes on bikes. 

Kraft Foods for Pride!

Red Bull for energy-drink-uppers-mixed-with-alcohol-downers for Pride!

BioScrip Pharmacy for refilling your meds and Pride!

American Laser Centers for a chest-hair-free America and Pride!

YAAAY WE'RE GAY and we're, um, totally telling these companies what, want! 

Here's my monies!
You, um, make that rainbow silicone bracelet!

Mos, for years, I've done whatever the magic wallet-opening rainbow symbol told me to do.

Buy this.
Wear this.
Shop here.

But last year, during the Dyke March, we walked past a bar with this in its window:

And a liiiiiiiittle seedling of suspicion was planted.


These people?

These people were now all for gay pride?

Me and my HRC checkbook were suddenly...not buying it.

On the one hand: There's the rainbow! Green light for spending! Drink this (disgusting) beer!

On the other:  

Was Anheuser-Busch really interested in supporting gay rights?

Or were they really just interested in selling more beer?


The magic wallet-opening symbol wasn't working on me anymore.

Now that I think about it, tricks, I'm appalled at my lack of sophistication. 

I write copy for a living.

How did I fall so easily for this?  

Was it because I was really so excited to have my gayness  
recognized and included that any attention was good attention?

Did y'all see through this shit a long time ago?  


  1. Well, speaking of breakfast and rainbows... at my request, my roommate made rainbow pancakes. Pancakes in every color so you could make a stack, made with natural colors and fruits.
    I have to say, I don't think I've ever bought any rainbow or gay-themed novelty items. Maybe they seem kind of tacky to me? Maybe I never found the right thing? I wanted to get an HRC bag but sadly that hasn't happened...yet.

  2. For breakfast I had a bowl of Meijer cereal. It was like cornflakes and granola clusters, and I had plain soy milk with it in my favorite bowl that says, "You're a genius!"

    I'm not really into too much gay paraphernalia unless it's aesthetically pleasing and tasteful. Rainbows are great if they're not just splotched onto something to make it gay. And if something's trying to cater to gays, I usually steer clear, because unless it's run BY THE GAYS, it's probs not good.

    Just my opinion.

  3. P.S.

    Something to buy and not feel guilty about:
    The clothes at It's Okay to be Takei! I'm getting the hat, Krista.

  4. Your cleanse diet sounds like what I usually eat (besides the no meat, no coffee shenanigans). I love raw almonds and broccoli. Anyway, for breakfast I had a almond milk, banana, strawberry, blueberry smoothy with a scoop of protein powder and a handful of oats blended in. Delicious.

    I don't buy gay themed stuff because I hate feeling pandered to. I also don't buy any crap with advertisements I find obnoxious. I'm just contrary that way I guess. *shrugs*

  5. Hey Krista!

    I only buy game themed junk if it's made by the gays. I blow off the corporations because I know that we're just a marketing demographic to them. But I like to buy from the gays because I like to know that my cash is going to helping them out. So bring on the tacky etsy rainbow items and HRC bracelets and FCKH8 t-shirts!

    Also, for breakfast, I had a blueberry, coconut milk and flaxseed smoothie...I'm just coming out of a cleanse so I'm staying away from the syrupy yumminess pictured above.

  6. welcome to the world of the pink stop, Gay Days Disney

  7. Love your posts always--but please don't fast! It's bad for your soul AND your body! Your body gets rid of the bad things on its own--that's the livers job, and unless you've got liver disease or endocrine problems, you're cleansed already! Why not just eat healthy food that you like the taste of. Maybe sour patch kids isn't great for breakfast every day, and maybe it doesn't give you all that much energy-mileage, but if it tastes good, and its in moderation, eat it! Doing anything labeled "fast" just sort of sets you up to go overboard with eating later.

    Since you reach a lot of women, and women (both gay and straight) are the demographic with the highest percentage of eating disorders, i just figured I'd post some pushback against the type of mindest you're espousing--that 42 days without the foods that you say make you happy (including ones that are indeed healthy in moderation, such as meat and cheese, and yes, even coffee!) is good for you somehow. If you cut them out completely, how will you learn to eat them in healthy amounts? You'll only have two settings: TONS and none. neither's all that fun!

    As always, great job though. Just thought i'd bring this up.

  8. Cheerios and skim milk. Which is basically what I always eat until I finish the box, then it will be corn flakes and skim milk. I'm kinda boring (cheap) that way.

    I like queer-themed merch, but I tend to buy it from queer/woman-friendly places. Also I am, as aforementioned, cheap, so I don't buy a lot of things. I mostly go for clever badges. Choosing a theme is good.

  9. I'm kinda proud to say I've neeeever fallen for it. It may just be that I'm a pretentious bitch about my clothes, but the only gay-themed thing I own besides books and dvds is one lonely little rainbow belt. And THAT was a gift. I have friends who buy basically anything with a rainbow on it, tho, so I can see where this is pretty widespread. I don't think it's anything bad, it's just not my thing! I didn't really give marketers a chance to fool me~

  10. I'm surprised it works so well, since there seems to be a heck of a lot of queer gals into environmentalism/international development/conflict resolution/blah blah blah other things that generally necessitate anti-consumerism.

    p.s. somebody should study that correlation.

  11. Being that I just came out last year, I buy every little piece of rainbow gear I can get my pretty little hands on.

    I already have two Pride outfits for this year!

  12. I have some rainbow shoelaces that I don't remember where I bought and a rainbow colored chainmail bracelet that a friend bought for me at a renaissance festival. I tend to like to have a few subtle identifiers because I live in boom fuck nowhere and want other 'mos to be able to find me.

    I do love me some rainbows and pride gear, cause rainbows just make me so super happy. But, I try to buy from individuals if I can. Hell, maybe I'll start making shit myself.

    And I had toast with peanut butter for breakfast. Yum. I don't think I'd live if I did that cleanse shit, lol!

  13. toomanybooksonthedancefloor is right. gay/rainbow things are (unfortunately) usually pretty tacky. but you can celebrate pride month without such items and add more class to your days...
    how about some fine homo jewelry from love+pride? or perhaps a ruby we-vibe?
    - and no, i never thought it would come to this commercial fever.

  14. You know.....this year I went onto etsy.....and ordered a very non-corporate, hand-spraypainted wifebeater of my very own.

    I love pride gear (not so much the rainbow, but I'll take what I can get....) But I don't actually need it to say Old Navy or Budweiser or any other anything .....other than:

    "Go ahead and hit on me - I'm gay.

  15. As much as I love rainbow and other fantastically gay things, I have a definite annoyance with the commercializing of Pride. The last few years I have noticed that half of the floats in the parade were just there to sell there crap, not to support the gays! A certain bank (cough!..Wells Fargo) actually told my girlfriend and I that we couldn't have a joint account, then fast forward 2 months and we see them with a (albeit very pathetic) float in the parade! So, like you, Im torn on the whole "explosion of gay" thing...sigh

  16. You know, my pro-LGBT agenda isn't only there to protect my own interests. They're part of a larger theme of human rights.

    People are forced to make that crap for corporations who turn around and spend that money on Republican campaign donations. Fuck the corporations.

    I don't buy shit made by slaves. Corporations care about money, not human rights, and they are not getting my money. End of story.

  17. My lesploitation extends mainly to me getting really, really excited when I pull something plaid from the freebox ('cause I'm a filthy, filthy hippie, who ate hashbrowns and eggs for breakfast).

    Also, shameless self-promotion: if you're a dyke and you like to travel, share your wisdom and advice in the comments section of

  18. All this corporate stuff means that corporations no longer fear being boycotted by straight people for catering to the gays. Probably because the actual number that would boycott them is limited to groups like the AFA. That's a good thing.

    However, I don't have much interest in buying the corporate swag myself. I'm nostalgic for DIY queer gear. If the community wanted gay stuff, we had to make it ourselves. Those who learned how to do screen printing, leather work and how to make jewelry made a little money off of just selling to queer people. It felt more like Pride when it was independent.

  19. I second what Brigid said, as long as it says 'Oh Hey! I'm gay!' I'm happy. I am not a fan of products that are 'gay pride' for the purpose of being 'gay pride' because the company thinks it will sell. I recently bought a bracelet and keychain from for the sole purpose of having something that showed the cute dyke at the grocery store I liked the ladies.

    And about my breakfast.... I think I had cinnamon raisin toast with lots of butter.

  20. I love my old navy shirt! be out and be proud, everyone spends money on clothes may as well be rainbow

  21. scrambled eggs with spinach, black olives, feta & ricotta cheese, and brown bread with butter.
    i'd rather support queer artist made art/clothing/music, than buy some cheesy rainbow crap marketed to the gays.

  22. I had a banana and an orange. Your fasting sounds delicious to me, to be honest, can't get enough of those fruit and veggies!

    I am GUILTY as hell with the rainbows. I seek them out. Thing is, in my town there's nowhere social to go, I'm not 18 for a month, and I wanted others to be able to pick me out somehow (I'm pretty femmey). So I figured, it couldn't hurt to have a few rainbow beads here and there.

    I don't actually like rainbows. Is that bad of me? I think they're tacky as hell, but I did buy a HIDEOUS rainbow necklace purely based on the colours. It's really bad and I never actually wear it. But I wanted something identifying whilst I had no way of sniffing out the others of my kind.

    Now that I'm turning 18, I'm a bit more relaxed about it all. Next month I'll be able to hit the dyke bars and find them all, and I won't have to make it known at all times in public that I'm a homo, so no need for the rainbows. I hate HATE rainbow jewellery. I would, however, thing a small, cute, rainbow badge would be fine :)

  23. Mah breakfast was glorious. GLORIOUS. Fried burritos (nobody even knows what's in those things...) from the little country store down the street, cold beer, and barbeque pringles. All of our normal food got ruined recently, so that was the closest to "breakfast" we could find first thing in the AM! To be fair, I work nights, so "breakfast" is really dinner to me. It's just about the only meal I eat, so I really packed those calories in!

    I cannot stress enough, though, how freaking delicious it was.

  24. First # i had plenty of things for breakfast as usual -tend to think "breakfast doesn't count, really, calories and fat is magically disappearing during the day, go on, have that 5th piece of chocolate cake topped with melted chocolate dipped in sour cream sparkled with sugar!"... Which i know is stupidly wrong. But still... No ok it IS wrong.
    Then # as a wannabe-dykey i used to think those rainbow things were just pure marketing to get gay's money and nothing more. As an esthetic fascist (i'm a designer, that's why) (or maybe that's why i'm a designer) (well) i find most of these "products" are just ugly products. BUT when i finally entered the Marvellous Gay World (ffeeewww... YAY!) i found that reading "Tipping the Velvet" and watching very bad lez movies can sometimes be very very enjoyable. As in "i enjoy having an over-huge over sugary breakfast". You know it's not "good", i mean i feel it's "bad taste", but still, you want to do it. Then again, i never ever bought any rainbowy gay thing. But i do love rainbows, for real, and find that you can get nice rainbows for free... Well that was i think my longuest comment EVER.
    I'll just add this: THANK S A LOT LOT LOT for your blog!!! A LOT!

  25. Oh and i didn't mean to say "Tipping the Velvet" is bad, no no no! Loved it, obviously!

  26. I scoffed my 2 Weetbix with Milo sprinkled on top with fat-free soy milk, I have that everyday :P

    As for buying gay themed stuff, well the only thing I have brought is a rainbow collar and lead for my "gay" dog.
    And I filled a giant jar with jelly beans in the rows of the rainbow flag.
    But besides that I don't really like anyone knowing I'm gay, so I try to resist the urge to buy tshirts saying I'm a lesbian :)

  27. 5-grain Cheerios with milk. Cereal, not the sugary type, is very healthy with milk/soy milk, not only for teens but for adults too. Cut a banana on top for fruity flavour.

    I went to my first Pride parade last year and was surprised at all the business corporations and political groups. I guess support the small companies who need money, whose target is 50%+ gays, not necessarily the big companies that want more money.

    It's great that gays are being more accepted by society/companies but you don't have to buy stuff just. It's all about the benjamins, baby.

    Personally I'm aiming to be a minimalist because buying commercial stuff doesn't make me happy or fulfill me. Plus I hate stupid loud advertisements.

    The more stuff we buy, the more landfills there will be! Et cetera. I'm talking about cheap crappy products (like Old Navy. That shit doesn't last unless you take extreme care of it.)

    More importantly, good luck on your cleanse! I've been trying to eat more healthy for the past year or two and I have a <50% success rate? I'm aiming for part-time vegetarian for now but the meat I don't eat anymore, I replace with junk food. :(

    RAW VEGETABLES ROT MIGHTLY QUICK so don't forget about them in your fridge.

  28. I'm going to NYC Pridefest later this month, so this struck me as particularly relevant. I've always tried to be aware of how advertising affects me/the population in general, and I often find myself disgusted with the industry's tactics and manipulation of their (often vulnerable) target audience.
    In this case, however, I'm torn. On one hand, I'm angry about the fact that corporations are taking advantage of the LGBT community's desire for acceptance and normality in order to sell stuff. By making "gay-friendly" products and advertising campaigns, these companies suggest that they believe it is okay to be gay, whether or not they actually feel that way personally.
    However, I'm leaning more toward the side of me that is saying that everything helps. When your favorite beer company, t-shirt store, tanning salon, or whatever is advertising toward the gay community, it sends the universal signal, whether manufactured or not, that being gay actually IS okay. And ads are adept at making people think certain behavior is acceptable, arguably moreso than any other type of media. After all, they're able to convince us that we need such-and-such deodorant, so-and-so's miracle lipstick, and that weird machine that makes ice cream out of bananas. It isn't much of a stretch to say that these same companies could probably convince people that it's cool to wear a t-shirt that supports the LGBT population.
    I guess it's okay with me that these companies are only trying to make money off of our pride and the tolerance of allies. They're still spreading the message that queerness isn't something that needs to be hidden.

  29. Well for breakfast this morning I had 3 spoonfuls of butterfingers ice cream and a handful of sour cream and cheddar potato chips. I refuse to apologize for my choice. I'm unemployed.
    Also I commend you on your cleanse. I have tried things like that exactly three times. Each time within 3 days I had nearly died of unrelated causes. The third I was actually dead for two minutes. I don't like the idea of my last thought being "I should have had the bacon cheeseburger" or ice cream, or whatever.
    As to the gay pride stuff, I have a rainbow chain mail bracelet I made myself and an earring with the same story. Otherwise as much as I think it would be fun to wear gay pride things in this tiny, conservative, religious community that I live in, I am and have been broke since i graduated college.

  30. thanks to this post title, i've now got all the single ladies playing in my head: "if you like it than you shoulda put a mo on it...."

    breakfast, mmm i've been addicted to strauss european-style yogart. so rich and creamy. especially the one flavored with maple syrup. mm.

  31. I feel like this is similar to the "go green" campaign that a bunch of companies started doing a few years ago. At first, caring about the environment was just for the hippies and the tree huggers. It wasn't popular, it wasn't in style. But then all of these companies decided to start catering to those people and "going green" was the thing to do. As someone who cares about the environment and recycles religiously, it annoyed me at first that some people were "going green" just because it was popular. They didn't necessarily care about the environment. But the companies figured it out and started making profits on this idea. But then I realized...does it really matter if people are doing it for the right reasons as long as more people are recycling?

    I feel the same way about the "it gets better" project and the efforts to support gay rights. Companies are realizing that it's profitable to market to gay people and their supporters, and they like seeming gay-friendly. Sure, it might seem hypocritical, but they're still displaying a rainbow on their "open" signs aren't they? Some people are going to start buying their things just because being gay-friendly is popular, and not necessarily because they were allies before. But can we really argue with gay rights being popular? In my opinion, all of this coverage is and will be a great thing. Even if being gay-friendly is "in" for a while and then goes out of style, isn't that better than it never being "in" at all? I personally don't care if it's for the wrong reasons. I'm just happy to see the rainbows everywhere. =) Perhaps it will change some people's minds about gay rights once they see that we and our allies are becoming a bigger population by the minute. We want gay rights and we want more allies, so I think we are stabbing ourselves in the backs if we are being too choosy about how that happens.

  32. Breakfast: Ice cream sandwich and squash.

  33. Well, if you're looking for a healthy breakfast I can suggest couscous. It's really quite delicious and filling!

  34. Try to enjoy your cleanse. You'll feel amazing afterwards. I've never done one for that long, but I've done the MasterCleanse a couple times and I feel so much better afterwards.

    And besides. I have a cup of yogurt for breakfast. Not too much to miss there, haha.

  35. In a capitalist world, buy rainbow stuff and they will sell more. I have nothing rainbow, just because it doesn't really go with anything, but ethically I think showing large corporations that LGBT people and allies are a large buying force increases our power and our visibility. It makes me happy to see Macy's celebrating pride, because it says that is is something worth celebrating in the mainstream, not simply in the niche.

  36. I'm agreeing with Caroline. There is no getting around the fact that we live in a capitalist culture. What people are buying is what we collectively value. What we collectively value is what has power in our legislative system. You would think it would be elections but it is is dollars. So, if people want to buy rainbow stuff it brings me that much closer to being able to legally marry my partner of 11 years. That much closer to having the group of rights everyone else has. So let them buy gay friendly crap. That being said, the further away I get from coming out of the closet 18 years ago the less of that stuff I want. I once wore freedom rings and double venus dog tags and rainbow bracelets. Now if I buy anything at all it has to be beautiful, tasteful and unique which means it is probably hand made by an artist. Screw comercialism. Marketers and me are just wasting eachother's time.

  37. I think companies are exactly the way the picture looked (the huge guy eating all the money) im sure people working for the companies, or at least some, are totally for gay rights. But. I also believe its mostly a money thing. Everyones LOVES money. everyones needs it etc etc, so yes I believe we gay are being targeted for marketing.
    I'm not sure how to take that though.
    I mean on one side of it, we're not being discriminated. If you think about it we dont want to be the outcasts, and we are being targeted like everyone else in the world.
    than again its not exactly supporting us.

    in other news

    SF 2011 BABY

    Also I can steak eggs and corn tortillas with coffee and scone, hang in there!

  38. I had a hardboiled egg and peanut butter on a rice cracker for breakfast this morning. But, a few days ago, I spent the night at some friends' house and they made: bacon, perfectly cooked eggs fried in bacon grease, french toast cooked with brown sugar in bacon grease to make a sort of bacon-caramel-french toast. And homemade thai iced tea. And then gin and tonics. It was awesome.

    I want to own some lesbian swag, but right now I have an old faded HRC shirt, a Pride sweatshirt from my college, and a rainbow flag from my GSA.... I want tasteful stuff, though, or else stuff that's super funny.

  39. Okay, this post was good, but it kinda creeped me out.

    First I see a picture of Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett. I've been obsessed with her lately. Like, almost Shane-level obsessed. So I screeched, thought "How awesome is it that she'd use that picture?", and continued reading.

    Second: Then you mentioned Boystown. My parents moved to Boystown in the 90's. That's where I was born, and where I went to pride parades as a baby. My dad jokingly claims that that's why I'm a lesbian. They exposed me to too many gay vibes too young. ;) Mom and Dad loved living there. So anyway, again, odd coincidence you mentioned that. I continued reading.

    THEN THE KICKER: THE MOBILE ALABAMA PRIDE SPONSORS PAGE. I LIVE IN MOBILE ALABAMA NOW. I don't know why, but all of those thing together makes me feel all weird and coincidence-panicky.

    But it's really awesome too.

  40. Breckfast: I actually skipped breakfast this morning...I know I know bad for you to do, but I was running a bit behind this morning and...well yea.

    As fair as rainbows and pride is concerened, Im kinda new to the whole lesbian scene. I havent come out at home so I cant get away with the rainbows and things like that. But I do wear a rainbow. My friend made me an amazing rainbow ring and gave it to me. I never take it off (which is kinda a bad thing because now its almost distroyed). My mom has no idea that its for me being a lesbian but hey ;) I think Pride is cool although I have to admit, never been and wanna go this year but dont think I can ;(

  41. I'm just pretty excited that of all the corporate-sponsor-covered pride flyers on the internet, you somehow managed to pull my hometown's. How is it even possible that Mobile, AL was near the top of the list in that Google search?

  42. I had some really not-exciting leftover pancakes for breakfast. Because I don't have enough energy to make really awesome food in the morning. Only crazy morning people do that.

    The New Gay Capitalism is not for me. It just isn't feasible for a large portion of the queer community--many of us are too busy just trying to get by to be able to bother with Rainbow Budweiser and Rainbow Old Navy shirts. Yes, we do live in a capitalist society, but it's badly broken, and it's not the only way. I just don't think we can buy our way to liberation.

  43. It's alot like the Wal-Mart policy of hiring "We like it when you give us your money. We just don't want people like you working for us." This was overheard concerning a tongue ring. And I believe that philosophy applies to ANY corporation. Makes me hold onto my wallet just a little tighter. Don't pander to my gender (f), sexuality (hetero) or my chosen role in life (mother). It will make me kick you. Hard. Where it hurts worst. In your bank account. You also will LOSE my vote ;)

  44. I think nowadays it's more about being hip then what it's actually standing for. I'm not into it. What I am into however is soggy multigrain cheerios and coffee :P

  45. OMG this is the way i feel about TEGAN AND SARAH!! they SUCK MUSICALLY, but i believe girls are into them because they pander and have a gimmick. lame.

  46. For breakfast I had peanut butter M&Ms and orange juice.

    And I stopped wearing rainbows in 2002, but I didn't see through the marketing ploy until around season 3 of The L Word.

    PS I love Tegan and Sara. The music is catchy and upbeat, and they are adorable. Maybe it's just a reminder of another time in my life, but I don't care. I will always love them.

  47. A kiwi (though I'd been wishing for a ripe grapefruit but they don't seem to exist where I live). Soylatte (I looooove soymilk lattes with a passion and use my roommate's espresso machine which makes my life wonderful despite I live on non-soylatte-land, aka France) and rice waffles with big wads of nutella on top. Then I was still hungry so I snacked on a raisins/almonds/sunflower seeds/hazelnuts mix the whole morning. My favorite part of all that was the soylatte, and I bet the whole thing didn't sound that exciting. Your cleanse sounds quite appetizing to me, in fact!
    And no, I don't buy rainbow gear because I don't like to buy things because I'm totally gonna save the planet singlehandedly by not buying too much stuff. Which is also why I don't eat animals - so as to not feel guilty each time I take the plane: since I don't eat animals and rarely buy stuff, I try to think I'm not polluting THAT much after all!? It's all hypocritical calculations in my mind.

  48. I was happy to hear about the Old Navy Pride shirts, but after looking into that more, they are only selling the shirts in about 1% of their stores! For such a main stream store, that sucks. For any store, that sucks. Guess that saves us gays some money. Now we can go buy more rainbow things else where.

  49. You had me until the Bud comment. Yes, you have a very strong argument, HOWEVER, have you seen this: ?
    NOW, that's better than any other beer, in my opinion. And as such, it is now my partner's and I official summer drink of choice. Oh man, even implications of rainbows get me.

  50. I haven't had breakfast yet. A glass of grapefruit juice... I own some rainbow stuff, and some purely gayelle themed stuff. I buy my vegan tshirts, why not something else I care about? I'm not usually consumerist enough to give all my money to the bigger companies anyways. (Although I do want that Old Navy tshirt!) Yay for summer music fests!

  51. Yes, some of us did see through that shit a long time ago. Especially those of us with anti-capitalist leanings who resist assimilation. I'm not interested in being incorporated into the racist/sexist/classist machine of the north american corporate capitalist economy, so I've been resenting this queer-targeted marketing for some time.

    Then again, I also don't want inclusion in patriarchal systems that privelege certain family forms (marriage) or organizations that systematically kill people of colour (the military). Maybe that makes be a bit radical, but at least it doesn't make me this:!/photo.php?fbid=56814027044&set=a.56813422044.79521.56800002044&type=1&theater

  52. Steak and eggs for brekkie today. It was awesome. I stopped buying gay-themed stuff some time ago...with the exception of a pride sticker for my car two years ago, because the last one was actually removed by someone, though why anyone would do that is beyond me. And kudos to you on the purge thing...I doubt I could do that.

  53. hey
    I think you should really talk about the cleanse your doing, exactly how it works, what you can and cannot eat. I always wanted to do one, but I'm afraid it's unsafe. But I trust you! :p Tips please!!!!

  54. YOU. ARE. MY. HERO.

  55. Haven't, don't intend to, do the rainbow thing. Anymore than I intend to stretch my earlobes.

    As far as Budweiser, et al., where were they 20 years ago? As someone mentioned previously, the money you give them when you buy their stuff still goes to support anti-gay politicians.

    I feel cleanses are a way of punishing yourself for eating badly. In the hopes that the gods will smile on you for your self-flagellation and bless you to live to be 100 years old without wrinkles. Late breakfast for me was matcha tea, salmon and a yukon potato with chives and olive oil. Oh, and cherries for "dessert". A diet of gummy bears followed by a diet of gaggy green stuff? Think I'll stick to real food, but to each her own.

  56. Hi! Simply put, yes. The parade/merchandising etc have become about marketing. (Once upon a time, there were parades that did not include the Cook County Recorder of Deeds or, (gasp!) beer). The roots are obvious. We need support. Yes, big corporations figured out about 25+ yrs ago that we have the most disposable income; however, it is only recent that the culture of "wow, REALLY? They LIKE my hand up my gf's ****? I TOTALLY support that!" has become a thing. Bottom line is that the big companies are run by the little capitalist penises that decide the who/what/how of most of the world's spending. This is not a market they support, it is one they capitalize on. Certainly there must be a few that are an exception (I hope?) but I doubt it's any transnational like Bud or Miller. So I would say party on, celebrate who WE are (because we're brave and beautiful and strong) and display yourself in what ever way you choose - fuck, it's who we are! Just think real hard as to where your I-live-in-a-studio-and-eat-ramen disposable income is going before your "choice" bears a Chase Bank logo. Go buy a rainbow catnip toy from ASPCA or (locally) Treehouse Cat Shelter instead. Then you've truly made a statement.

  57. You made some good points regarding PRIDE merchandise. I agree many corporations are selling for the profit but isn't that what corporations do?! Buying queer gear and products does make us more visible and tells the unknowing masses that we do exist and want to be accepted exactly as we are and they can join us in enjoying life or they can get over themselves. Visibility is important and buying products from companies that are supportive of us is just giving back to ourselves. If you are uncertain of a company or product check to see if they offer their employees 'partner benefits' equal to that of a married couple. Check to see what types of organizations they send donations to. Read up on their anti-discrimination policies to see if we are included specifically.
    A good place to start is at HRC they do an annual ranking of gay friendly companies and a listing of the least friendly ones as well ... and this is a plug for the blogger that got me here, he often talks on the subject of corporations both good and bad.

  58. Breakfast: Homemade waffles with real maple syrup and turkey bacon. Good cup of coffee.

    Pride paraphernalia - I always want to buy it, but I restrain myself by thinking about the Panama hat I bought on vacation (1983)--it seemed like good idea at the time.

  59. I never really liked all the rainbow stuff but I have bought a few "I love boobies" bracelets.

  60. I skimmed a lot of the other comments and I feel like I'm going to be an outsider on this one, which is all right.

    I don't own gay-themed items to adorn myself. While I can appreciate some shirts or jewelry or whatever that are have a gay/lesbian-themed logo or icon (I'm not a huge fan of a rainbow anyway), I don't have a desire to wear one. I equate this with my lack of a desire to wear an article of clothing/accessory that proclaims I'm a teacher or that I'm Portuguese. I am who I am. I'm proud of who I am. I'll declare it, I'll own it, I'll shout it from a rooftop if need be, but I'm okay with not buying stuff to declare it.

    This, again, isn't to say that I have any problem with someone else wearing a "Kiss me I'm Portuguese" shirt or something to declare they are a teacher or a rainbow belt or that great tee pictured above that says "Nobody Knows I'm a Lesbian." I tend to wear plain yet brightly colored, unadorned tops, and minimalist jewelry. To each her/his own.

  61. It's exploitative for companies that didn't give a fuck about us before, or even better, were once against us, to give us their hands in faux-solidarity only to take the money from our back pockets. That being said, if I want something I will buy it. If it is rainbow now and I want it now I'll get it, if I don't want or need it I won't get it. I'm not into kitsch so I can't be swayed by appeals to my need to be seen for what I really am, or to constantly tell myself.

    You guys, most of us that where all these things.. people already know we're gay, we're only doing it for ourselves.

  62. I had gluten free banana chocolate chip pancakes. From a mix (well, I added the banana and the chocolate chip, and some cinnamon). They were pretty decent.

    I have a few gay things, but mostly I advertise my gayness with roller derby t shirts, honestly. I avoid the super corporate part of pride but I do like buying tshirts/anklets/whatever from the little independent vendors! Minneapolis Pride had a bunch, I hope Chicago Pride is just as awesome.

  63. I don't buy that stuff from other places. When I want something small with a certain theme (rainbow, in this case) I generally craft it myself. In fact, I'm about to start making my own rainbow bracelet with leftover yarn from various knitting projects! :D Not to mention that I'm a not-completely-out teenager. So shopping around for gay-themed things is, well, not happening yet.

  64. so i think the point of your bringing up the topic of pride paraphernalia not to see if we agree with wearing rainbows and shit but to see where people were at with the corporatization of Pride (both in the sense of parades and the sense of the everyday). i am personally alienated mostly because i feel that my identity is being capitalized on and i feel (and the comments above mine overwhelmingly confirm this) that too many gays are way too okay with this reality. i'm especially disappointed in some self-described dykes and queers (especially female-identified and bodied ones) because i assume (wrongly, obviously) that this demographic should the most critical and engaged about the 'evils' of capitalism- not just the exploitation of our identity but the exploitation of labor domestically and internationally that has become inherent in the business practices of too many corporations (big and small). it's truly disappointing how easily capitalism can consume 'deviance' (which is what positively consider the queer identities in terms of the possibilities and challenges that could develop from that queerness). i don't know, i guess i just assume too much radicalness from the queer community and the idea of gay marriage (more heteronormativity, imo) as the main agenda of the gay movements is just... disappointingly far from radical.

  65. Attend a rural pride event (like Montana's, which I plan to drive six hours to attend next weekend). No corporate sponsorship, and all grassroots organizing. Spend all the money you want there, because that community is being supported by your cash.

  66. Word to whoever mentioned Tegan and Sarah. Hello nasally voices!

    I'm not into rainbow paraphernalia. It's just not my thing. At all. I'll go to colour-themed events for Pride or whatever, but I like dressing like me...and my wardrobe has no rainbows. My gf is the same. I figure the fact that we hold hands is enough of a statement. I don't need rainbows when I have my pot of gold!

  67. As majority of LGBT Paraphenalia companies are not LGBT owned/operated, I'm never inclined to buy rainbow shit *just because*. However, I'm always inclined to support when it's clearly an independent operation run by some variation of fabulous queer people. But I never wear rainbows past the Pride Gates. It's just too juvenile for me...and honestly, I find that kind of stuff to be mostly junk and kind of tacky.

    Who really needs rainbow shot glasses, freedom rings, temporary tattoos, and most t-shirts, flags, beer glasses....etc.

    I used to love Parisa Parnian's line, but she gave up on it because the fucking queers didn't support it. It's weird to me that as a group, we are so ready to purchase and support stupid rainbow shit that has probably come from some variety of Oriental Trading Company, but when someone who IS queer, actually puts out a thoughtful and tasteful, and USEFUL item, such as interesting queer-geared clothing...fucking queers are too cheap to pay for it.

    It's frustrating to me that as a whole, we'd still rather just spend our Expendable Queer Income on Absolut Vodka and American Spirits, stupid rainbow shit, tasteless t-shirts - all over queer owned/operated clothing companies, taking a real stand politically, and protecting our rights.

    I don't know, I thought we'd be smarter than that by now.

  68. Breakie was kashi go-lean crunch! I've had a cleanse on my "to do" list for a couple of weeks now....avoiding it, perhaps this was a hint to just do it!
    Rainbow shit...can't get enough of it for pride or pride events. The brighter the better, flashing lights, bells and whistles...bring it on baby ~ Kinda like decorating a tree to celebrate Christmas (when a dog comes and pees on me I'll know I've gone too far.
    My partner and I (well, ok, it's actually me, she just goes along with it) start planning pride outfits right after pride..kinda like buying Christmas gifts for next year.
    Would be great to see lesbian vendors @ pride selling their rainbow crafts though ~ always better to support our own.

  69. I LOVE that I'm being pandered to. I don't actually buy most of it, because I happen to not be a fan of rainbows, but I LOVE that it's there -- it means that big businesses are seeing us as people, that they're no longer afraid that pandering to us will lose them more business than it gets them, and that they're acknowledging we, too, are a group to notice and we aren't going away. All those indicate a change in the cultural attitudes toward gays! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

    So, yeah, the commercialism? Totally floats my boat.

    As for breakfast -- left over Thai noodles! For the syrupy details: Fat noodles coated in a sweet but salty sauce, cut to just the right length to eat with reasonable ease. They were mixed up with broccoli, water chestnuts, baby corn, carrots, cabbage, and probably something I'm forgetting. Just hot enough to need a blowing (heh) before I eat them. When I bit into the veggies they were still a little crisp, which contrasted nicely to the soft noodles. The water chestnuts were my favorites, since they still had that excellent crunch.

    You really are a masochist. ;)


  70. Puffins G-F Multigrain cereal with some fresh blueberries and Lactaid.

    I haven't bought or worn a rainbow emblazened item since college. I thought they died out, but clearly I was misinformed.

  71. I think I took this as the rainbow merch being worn at Pride, not as office attire.... just as you wouldn't go to dinner in a shirt that says "yay teachers!" In my opinion, it's important to be who we are and not hide. If you want the rainbow umbrella for 17 bucks, buy it! But don't allow that to be your only contribution to being out. Also, to think you're actually supporting the community by buying that stuff is just false. I wholeheartedly support being visible, and I commend anyone who has no qualms about doing so. Eat a good breakfast and then go party at pride, adorning bud rainbows or not. Just be happy and celebrate humanity. Minus Sarah Palin.

  72. First of all, your cleanse sounds like it sucks! Not because I have a better one, or because I eat healthy (cause I just had pizza, beer and a pickle for dinner). But because I'm so sick of the yearly "cleanse" being the cool thing to do. I'm sure you want to be healthy (not just cool) and I totally admire that, but why does it take something so extreme (and not really proven) to help you get healthy? To me, the ole cleanse is similar to not buying gay paraphernalia cause its made by big corporations. Why not just buy (eat) what you want to buy (eat, within reason)?? Live it Up! Enjoy wearing your gay flag tattoo with targets symbol if it makes you happy. I know its super cool to help out the small guy and not the big corporations, but really?? Have us gays gotten so cool that we can't even buy a fucking shirt from old navy? I say thank god old navy's finally got a shirt I can afford to buy for pride! if i could get one for the same price on etsy i totally would. Maybe bud light and target are using us as much as we're using them. And if that's the truth, I gotta say, I'm okay with it.

  73. Bagel with hummus.

    Not to be sir-spam-spam-a-lot, but I screen printed a bunch of t-shirts, hoodies an posters for pride this year and while I'm all out of the T-shirts and hoodies I literally have hundreds of posters left. If anyone wants one for free checkout my tumblr and see if ya like it. If ya do shoot me an email and I'll send one your way.

  74. I am always eager to see what sort of creative greeting you've sillied up for us at the beginning of each post but... um... mud-flappers?! It's cute but I need an explanation for this one! Fellow commenters, help a sista out please. The only things I can think of is either it refers to that sexy chick that's always pictured on mud flaps or its related to the 'backdoor' post a while back. Same?

  75. I hope you're still doing good on your cleanse. 6 weeks is a damn long time. About the marketing- yup. Being Mexican and queer has opened my eyes to how much corps want my money. Somehow GMail's started to show ads in Spanish too, because I might not have understood it in English. And the ads for lesbian cruises....oh the ads. It's a slippery slope being accepted because sometimes it just leads to being tokenised...again.

  76. I had two eggs over-easy with the yolks all runny, country potatoes with onions and feta cheese, steak tips, and toast (to mop up the leftover yolk). Oh, and a side of fruit. Don'tcha just hate me and my teenaged metabolism?

    On the subject of corporate shit being sold at pride, i just ask them WHAT they do in their practices to support gay rights. If I get a non-bullshit answer, i buy their stuff.

  77. Cleanses... Cacao!

  78. I love that I discovered your blog.

    For breakfast I had a couple of cups of coffee and a Slim Fast bar because I was in a hurry to leave.

    In regard to rainbow'y gay pride stuff, I have never bought anything.

  79. i love this blog--and i agree with sparrow's comment: buying disposable merchandise, accessories, clothes, whatever from companies that are marketing to us but not owned/operated by lgbtq folks pretty much means we're buying into a corporate variation on identity. although as a bisexual, sometimes (most of the time?) i wish i had something i could wear that easily explains all of the complexities of sexuality etc. a t-shirt from old navy probably won't do it.

    i eat 2 breakfasts like a hobbit, both with lots of coffee and all vegan (granola bar, raisins, then oatmeal with peanut butter and berries).

  80. holy shit, considering that I'm usually broke when I go to pride, I never really bought much, BUT I did not see through it at all!! After this post I'm feeling just a tad bit ignorant that others saw this. hmmm..

    I'm about to make some homefries and scrambled eggs to cheer myself up about this whole situation. Keep on going with the cleanse, I'd probably do it for a week, so you're a trooper.

  81. Breakfast: scrambled eggs with veggies and herbs from our garden. (omg that's so gay)

    I don't totally mind corporations targeting advertising to us queers, EXCEPT when they give ginormous political contributions to anti-gay candidates/parties.

    Example: Target Corporation, who gave $150,000 to the ONLY anti-gay gubernatorial candidate in the 2010 election, but at the same time tries to woo GLBT employees and shoppers. They also recently came out saying that they were going to remain "neutral" on the hateful anti-gay marriage amendment on Minnesota's 2012 ballot.

    You can't be neutral on a moving train....

  82. We've been fighting this crap for quite a long time... Gay Shame is a great example of resisting such queer capitalism. Basically, you can be assured that any type of big time corporation that is part of the hegemonic patriarchal capitalist structure does not have your best interest in mind and buying in to it, just means your fueling your own oppression. That being said, I can't resist merch that allows me to show of my queerness!

  83. On the one hand, I WANT to believe they are doing it because they like us. That is the sliver of me that is left that isn't consumed by anger at our oppression. It doesn't get much say.

    I think its bullshit. I like rainbows and flannel and nifty tanks with witty lezzie slogans as much as the next dyke, but..I also know what they are doing. They are playing to our weaknesses, as we have shown ourselves to be unafraid to boycott anyone who contributes to our continued oppression. DON'T PLAY INTO THE HANDS OF GREEDY CORPORATIONS WHO DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU. They only want your money, I assure you.

  84. Being marketed to in the USA simply means that, for the companies, we *exist* - everybody is being marketed to there, even hipsters. I don't think it's a big deal but, on the other hand, I live in a country where our tenth Pride was the first one without violent incidents (thanks to the heavy presence of police forces to protect us). So, yes, I see that as a positive thing, it can help you be more visible to people who have a bad gaydar. Personally, I don't buy such stuff. 1) It's dangerous to be visible around here. 2) I don't like to wear anything colorful (black is just my thing).

    As for my breakfast, I'm a vegan and doubt you wanna hear about it. :)

  85. Noooo, you can't be detoxing in pride month!! On the merchandise - living in the Middle East means that there are no rainbows, nope not one! What I wouldn't do for a shiny rainbow bracelet ;) Fortunately I do get to go home every once in a while so I stock up on all the crap I can!

  86. Yes. Nearly all products we buy nowadays are bought from overseas retailers (at best) or factories not governed by the same standards that would be regulated in the US. It is, however, a bit different to make a conscious effort to travel to Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic etc rather than be out at a street festival celebrating who you are and purchase something to (in theory) further support that pride. I think that a lot of intelligent people have made comments here, but I also think that the fact that ALL of our media is controlled by three sources has left some others a bit blindsided. The pride rainbow is based on a rainbow that initially represented a struggle similar to what we go through today - being proud of our strengths and differences, not our inequalities. I personally feel that if you're going to pride, you are proud of who and what you are, and/or the people you know that may be in any way queer. If that's the case, then support the cause in some other way than finally feeling it at the parade and buying price-gouged items made at sweatshops. Find out what's available in your community that you can support. Just commit to a cause rather than a whim. Belief in something is much more helpful than an impulse.

  87. What is up with posts being so infrequent these days?

  88. Hi, it's my first time to visit your blog and I'm glad that I did! Great post. I also want to share my recent discovery online, which is a beautiful lesbain sculpture called "twin souls" it's about a special love and friendship between women. Something in this sculpture really moved me.

    You can see it at

  89. I have oat porridge, 65% oats and 35% oat germ. This is what I have every day, since my partner was diagnosed with incipient diabetes. In it is also lecithin and other stuff good for us.

    On the upside, we put good bits in it, like banana and blueberries, cinnamon, nutmeg.

    I'm being supportive. Well, partly. Partly I've got high cholesterol and oats are good for that. High cholesterol? I don't eat meat or dairy (we're vegan), don't eat fired food, don't eat refined foods.... gee, sound's like your cleansing diet, except it's all the time.

    It's a penalty for a life of excess. When my darlin' first came to me, we indulged: prawns, salads with all sorts of oil-soaked goodies (sundried tomato, roasted capsicum & eggplant, anchovies) and lots of blue brie, a specially rich brie with blue viens. And lots of decadent cafe grande ice cream, with roasted almonds and contreau. And lots of vodka.

    Unfortunately, we expanded, I couldn't fit my corsets or crotch-high boots any more, and we became the overweight dyke couple. Age is a killer, saps the metabolism.

    So, now we eat like your cleansing diet.

    On the other hand, we look a lot spunkier.

    About GLBT consumption: Like all consumption, I tend to only get what I need (the source of my material needs are not all material), and if I can get a queer-friendly version I will. And some of my needs include a bit of politi-advertising, eg, queer stuff, slut stuff, kink stuff, sex-worker stuff.

    Like your rant.


  90. Just saying...
    don't donate to HRC cause they spend all their money on getting the marriage amendment passed and not all those other queer issues that actually matter to the lives and ability of queer ppl to survive in the world, like targeting of trans people or leaving them out of mainstream LGB organizing, health care for ppl that aren't married, homelessness among queer youth, racism, ableism all of the above that are all queer issues. Marriage can wait. Homes and food and health and not getting beat up on the streets can't.

  91. Word to Sparrow. Also, yeah, I don't like the marketing towards GAYS as if there's just gays and straights in the world. if i thought big companies sticking rainbows on everything meant people becoming accepting of all nonheterosexual sexualities i'd be ON IT but as it is i get the disheartening feeling it's mainly about 'showing support' to the acceptable white male Queer-Eye-watching face of gayness. /hairyfeminist rant

  92. I think that Target rainbow temp tattoo is hilarious, because they're going to act like nobody knows about that Target-Supports-Anti Gay Organizations-and then Lagy Gaga publicly dissed them thing.

  93. Im not really surprised that gays are beginning to be an idea consumer all on its own. Everyday slowly being gay is made more and more okay. Its not seen as bad as it used to be. More and more people are coming out so why wouldn't we be a primary consumer? Rainbows are supposedly the "gay trademark" so make everything and anything rainbow and their gonna sell tons of it. We are another demographic and as we slowly get accepted into straight society its only gonna get more intense. Btw i own a rainbow blanket, i love boobies bracelet and that coca cola i enjoy boobies t shirt. =]

  94. capitalism sez: it's okay to be gay if you pay.

    i made scrambled eggs with red & green peppers, onions, and herbes d'provence. and toast.

  95. No breakfast too hungover...

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  97. Marketing frustrates and angers me anyway so it annoys me without being aimed at us gays. What really annoys me is that people want to draw attention to themselves like:
    Jesus fucking christ stop shouting in my face.
    Don't get me wrong, gay is awesome and I prefer it when people know that Im a lesbian. Also - pride fucking rocks, I will definitely go at some point, and that is one occasion when you (and I) can scream GAY!!! at everyone and I couldn't be happier. But, seriously... perhaps its just because it isn't in my nature to advertise shit, especially about myself?
    What do you think? Email me:

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