Saturday, June 25, 2011

OMG I'm Drunk Let's Live Blog Mmkay??

Happy Pride, sluts!

Guess what?  I've had a rum and coke.

And in my world, that means I'm drunk.

You finally start drinking at age 27, worlds open up.

I'm learning all sorts of things. 

How to muddle.

How to strain.

That margaritas are rimmed, strangely, with salt, instead of the sugar you were expecting.

Anyway!  I'm at a huge dyke party in Minneapolis's Hell's Kitchen called Grown & Sexy - organized by Tawnya, Nadine Dubois, and Shannon Blowtorch, and.....

we thought it would be funny to give me a drink and have me live-blog.

Hahaha get the lightweight tipsy won't that be hilarious.

Bitches know I get handsy.

I'll be checking in throughout the night. 

I'm wearing uncomfortable clothes and fucking high heels.

It'll be great!

Yes?  Yes for Pride?

Cause there are so many homos here, and there's nudity, i sweartogod.

Celebrate Pride with me? 



  1. I have no idea what's going on :D how does one "live blog"?

  2. This is excellent. I was wanting something exciting to follow. You keep sippin' that stuff and spankin' passing asses and blog away. Woohoo!

  3. Holy f-ing HAPPY PRIDE! This is going to be the best f-ing NY Pride ever!

  4. wooooooooo happy pride! I am also drunk and on the internet on Saturday night! We're sooooooooooo cool.

  5. Just moved close to chicago. Does chicago do anything cool for pride?

  6. Happy Pride! I wish I were drunk too, but I am drinking only water these days. :( Have a vodka and something for me!

  7. Drunk lesbians in Hell's Kitchen? Man, I wish I'd thought ahead enough to go to MPLS pride. I actually recommended breakfast at Hell's Kitchen to a friend who's there for pride, but now I have the feeling that he'll arrive to a bunch of half-naked hungover dykes eating their amazing peanut butter. And he won't even be able to appreciate it...

  8. You started drinking at 27? Christ, I stopped drinking at 26. Sheeiiit.

  9. baaaahhhh!! I'm reading the posts above this one. So funny! Happy Pride!!

  10. I was so there...wish I could have had the pleasure of meeting you DAYUM Tawnya's sexiness/nakedness/lovliness was so distracting. Happy pride!

  11. You make this new orleans yat proud! Go with your bad ass self.