Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Like to Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses

Ohhkay CJ just brought me another drink.

Nooooooo worries.

What is live-blogging?

It's when you post as things happen, without editing.

Hooraaaaay no editing!!

It's no problem, as you are talking to the 3rd grade spelling champ of Meadowbrook Elementary.

There will obvs be no need for spellcheck tonight.

Tawnya just took all her clothes off during a burlesque number.

She was wearing a merkin.

Do you know what a merkin is?

A merkin is a little patch of fabric you glue to your crotch so you aren't completely naked in public.  So the cops don't come.

So the cops don't come too hard.


Blowtorch just put on that song "You Can Do It Put Your Back Into It", whcih, when I was 18, was the dirtiest. song. I knew.

And there are about 400 dykes in here.

And I just saw a girl kiss what looked like her partner, 'cause I heard her call her "sweetie" and then I saw her in the bathroom, and she went into a stall with a totally different girl.

Play on playa.

Y'allfags should see the outfits in here.

Sweatiness is happening.


  1. I'm super jealous right now!

  2. I somehow missed Seattle Pride and Ohio Pride while traveling, so you should have another drink for me, so I can live vicariously through your amazing gayness.

  3. LIVE BLOGGING? This is the best night ever.
    I wish I was surrounded by 400 dykes.
    Hahaha what DNM said, man. I'm just gonna live vicariously through you.

  4. I just went to my first Pride today!!

  5. Pictures, pictures.

  6. Can't believe I missed out on Pride everywhere! Drink more!

  7. Finally Stacey Merkin, vagina wig makes TOTAL sense.

    Happy Pride!!

  8. aww, you did need spell check tho. "whcih"



  9. Fun fact: Merkins were originally used by prostitutes to cover up physical signs of STDs - such as open sores and discharge.

  10. So the cops don't come too hard.

    I seriously about died laughing.

  11. So the cops don't come.

    So the cops don't come too hard.


    and damn .. im SOOO JEALOUSSSS !!