Sunday, June 26, 2011

Everyon'es Onstage Wait For Me

Fuck picturs.

Lets not talk about this thrid drink.

Never a good choice.

There is a burlesque show going on.  Ray Gun, a male performer from Chicago, is doing a dance that's making my no-no parts feel funny.

Nadine is wearing a fishnet dress with sequin pasties underneath.

CJ is gone.  I dunno where she went.

I'm dancing.  I can't dance. S'ok.  Immma show my moves.

There's a blond butch I' ve decided is mine.  She doesn't know.  Heyyyyyy tooo bad.

Oh found CJ.  She's taking pictures.  She look s cute.  Do her later.

You know what I like? Is Beyonce.

And Biggie.  Biggie Smalls.  Too bad he's dead.

Tattoos are coool.  Shit my feet hurt.  God look at all the queers.  God i love gays.

You know what sucks is I burned myself with a curling iron like an 8th grade girl.

I was curling my rattail.  

OMG CJ is dancing with blond butch,

Make me a sandwich. 


  1. Lmao. This is great

  2. You know what I like? Is you!

  3. i'm intrigued to know what happened with your no no parts feelings.

  4. This is so goddamn funny. Krista this is TOO GOOD. I'm in public right now, and cannot stop laughing.

  5. I have a new favorite thing! It's called Drunk Krista!

    "Do her later" LMAO!

  6. Do her later.
    And then her later.

    And maybe she, over there, later.

    So cool :)

  7. This might be my favorite Effing Dykes post yet.

  8. You are fantastic Krista. We should totally become friends && hang out when I visit Chicago.