Friday, September 24, 2010

Bikini Kill

What's up, lady-lovers?

One thing that's great about the Internet is that we can learn from one another.  
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I can learn about your views on scissoring, and you can spare yourself epic pain from reading about my mistakes.

It's fun!  Sharing!

As a matter of fact, I feel like sharing a mistake right now!

So:  The other day, I got my new issue of Vogue, and inside was a glossy ad starring Drew Barrymore.  
Drew (has she ever not played herself in a movie? Aren't you sick to fucking death of her??) was advertising Outlast Lipstain, which is a cute lil' lip-thingie that looks just like a marker and smells like berries.  

I got excited.  

First of all:  I like makeup.  I like makeup so much that if I go to Sephora, I immediately have to poop.  That's how excited I get.  

And secondly: I like lip-thingies.  Any kind.  Gloss, lipstick, balm, chapstick, cheap, expensive; whatever - I don't care and I have about 3,000 kinds.

And here was a new kind of lip-product!  A stain!  Colors the lips without leaving any kind of smear when you make out!  

Obviously made for femme lesbians, aka the masters of "no-makeup" makeup.
 (by ADRIEN!)
I wanted the lip stain.  I needed the lip stain.  So I went to the 24-hour drugstore near my house and purchased the lip stain.

Back at home, it was like being a coke addict.  

My hands shook slightly as I peeled off the plastic packaging. Oooooh I could not wait to see how this stuff looked.

I popped off the cap.  It looked just like a marker!  Cool! Cool!
Thrilled, I  "colored in" my lips.

And then I had a thought.

The lip stain really did look just like a marker. 

Why did I just blow 7 bucks on some stupid thing that looked and acted like a marker when I have a HUGE jar full of Sharpies on the bookshelf? 

What if I just used a Sharpie?

It would probably stay on longer than some dumb stain, anyway.

I grabbed the Sharpie jar and examined it.  
Whoa - there were like 20 different shades of red and pink in there!  

One of the Sharpies was a gorgeous, classic red.

Off I marched to the bathroom.

Leaning in, close to the mirror, I tentatively swiped my bottom lip with the marker.  
It was working!  It was working!  I was a genius!!!  

I colored in my whole mouth.

And then it started burning.


As I screamed hysterically and frantically scrubbed at my mouth with a piece of toilet paper, I reflected on the fact that a permanent marker is designed to do one thing, and one thing only:  stay put, permanently.

*Life Lesson!*  A gimmicky lip stain that is shaped like a marker is not at all the same thing as an actual marker.  

Also, if you confuse the two, the resulting chemical burn on your lips neatly replicates the color you were hoping to achieve in the first place.

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Homos, I wish I could tell you that I have it all together.  

I wish I could tell you that I am not a child who puts soap that smells like chocolate in her mouth to see if, in fact, it tastes like chocolate.

This is something I wish.

But I don't.  I don't have it all together.
I still try to make "casual" small talk with cute girls at work and end up saying things like, "You have beautiful posture - you droop like a woman from a Victorian novel with tuberculosis." (actual quote.)

I still think the top step of the ladder is something a person can stand on.      

I still put my foot in my mouth all the damn time.
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The other day, I went shopping with my new, straight friend Courtney.  We were at Target, and we were passing the "sleep and loungewear" section.  

Courtney:  (slowing)  Hey, those are really cute.  Those shorts.

Me:  (desperate to go finger all the pens in the school supplies aisle)   Sure.  (snort)

Courtney:  What?  They're cute.  I think I'm gonna try them on.

Me:  Why would you buy shorts that short?  You can't even wear them.  

Courtney:  For sleeping.

Me:  Who the fuck sleeps with clothes on?

                    (awkward pause)

Courtney:  I do.  

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I don't remember what I said after that, but I think I must have laughed, because Courtney got defensive. 

She then, with a very confused look on her face, explained to me that Everybody Sleeps With Pajamas On.

No they don't, I insisted.  Pajamas Are A Funny Thing You Wear When You Go Stay With Your Parents.  No Actual Grown-Up Wears Them.
(by Space Queen)
Right, you guys?

I mean, I'm not a heathen.  I own pajamas.  I own lots and lots of sleepwear.  I own nighties and jammie pants and slips and booty shorts and filmy little things.  
I own large comfy sweatshirts and soft flannel pants.

None of these, however, are for sleeping.  
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They're for keeping warm while watching a movie.  For flopping down on the couch.  For Saturday mornings when you're eating gluten-free french toast with your girlfriend.

Pajamas are not for sleeping.
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I've slept naked since college, when I figured out that no one can see what you're doing when you're on the top bunk.

Don't you guys sleep naked?
Don't you?
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Courtney's wrong, right?  

Is it a straight-girl thing?
Tell me it's a straight-girl thing.

'Cause it seems to me that most lesbians - at least that I've encountered - are Naked People.  
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They fuck with the lights on; they prance around naked.  
They pee, naked on the toilet, while you wash your face, naked.  
Sometimes they cook naked!  

Even if they don't like to be naked themselves, they're thrilled if you want to be.
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Not once in my life have I been around a lesbian who suggested it might be time to put on pajamas and go to bed.  

Don't gross out here, but I've also never slept with a dude (that was a looooooong time ago, lezzers) who thought pajamas would be appropriate.
Now, if men love it when women are naked, and women love it when women are naked....

Who the fuck is buying all the sleepwear at Target?  

There must be a massive market for it to have such a big section.

It can't all be 14-year-old girls going to slumber parties. 
Women must be buying it.  

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that feels better than curling up, naked under the covers, with your girl. 

And a close second is curling up naked and alone in your bed.  

Both good.

Naked feels better than clothed.  
No-pants wins. 
Almost always. 

I'm left searching for answers. 

Are lesbians just more into nudity? 

If so, is it because we've "pretty much seen it" already?

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Is it just (this is incredibly possible) me?

Is your house a Nudie House?


  1. i wear shorts and tank tops or t-shirts. One simple reason. I don't want to smell my own sweat or armpit or cortch odor the following night when i turn in bed. Lying naked in bed with your girl is very cool, but not when you get so sweaty you wet the covers. I find it disgusting.

  2. if we're being old and intend to sleep the whole night, it's t-shirts and briefs. other nights, obviously, not so much.

  3. I definitely sleep naked but my girlfriend sleeps in panties. Does that count? I honestly can't recall a single girlfriend that I was with that ever slept in her pjs. They're for snuggling... not sleeping!

  4. I usually wear panties and a thin nightie or t-shirt to sleep. I just don't like feeling sheets directly against my torso or drafts on my hooha. If it's really cold I'll wear pajamas. The closest I get to sleeping naked is wearing just panties when it's really hot.

    I don't hang out around the house naked much either. It makes me feel all weird and I don't really like my body.

  5. Naked sleeping is optimal and usually the first choice. I usually start out in clothes or the pretense of pyjamas because I like the fun and foreplay of being undressed. Even if there is no hanky panky going on that night, my girlfriend always removes any of my clothing before sleep (better to grab my breasts for sleeping position). My girlfriend ALWAYS sleeps naked. She takes her clothes off at the drop of a hat and spends a fair amount of time walking around naked in the apartment.

    So, naked it the optimal sleep choice. That said, I often end up having to put something on during the night. My gf is a blanket hog and a warm person (She is my own personal furnace and my body gets so used to her heat that I freeze and have to pile on the blankets if I ever have to sleep alone). She pulls the blankets onto her and then throws them off because she gets too hot. This leaves me freezing. I keep my pyjamas close so I can put them on if I loose the struggle for the blankets and wake up cold during the night. When my gf readjusts to grab me after I've put something on she always sleepily comments on "how well-dressed" I am for sleep and how unnecessary it is.

    Naked is best, but sometimes temperature necessitates pyjamas.

  6. Speaking as a yucky hetero (so boring!!!) I sleep with jammie pants and a tank, cause I am too lazy to shave my legs everyday and the stubbles rubbing together make it hard to sleep.

  7. 100% all the time pajamas. Unless I get so drunk that I forget. I feel more comfortable with them. To be succinct: it's snuggly. HOWEVER, I lovelovelove being in my bikini and prancing around in underwear in front of any and everyone.

  8. my roommate and i set up a deal that we sleep naked whenever nobody else is sleeping over. we spend a lot of time in the dorm with just a thong on, chilling and napping and studying. and she's straight! my girlfriend and i usually sleep naked as well, or near naked.

  9. naked time!

    this pansexual queer girl sleeps with underpants on. I tend to spend most of the day in my apartment swanning around with just underpants on, though i do put on something when my housemate's around.


  10. all i can say is that i realized i was a nudist way before i realized i was a lesbian.

  11. 100% naked sleeper! Except when I'm somebody's houseguest. But even then, I usually strip off the nightgown in the night and just keep it close-by-handy in case I have to jet out of bed for some reason. I've had the same nightgown for, like, 15 years.

    I'm a gay homosexual of the femme persuasion, but all my (butch) girlfriends have worn pajamas when alone. However, if bribed with sex, they'd go without. Except maybe to put underpants back on - and what is up with that? Are panties some kind of protective magical talisman?

  12. I am one of those butch dykes who rarely get completely naked in the company of others (even during sex), and I spend my sleepy time in shorts usually accompanied by a t-shirt, but sometimes just the shorts.
    My girlfriend pretty much always starts out the night naked and then ends up putting on a t-shirt because she gets cold during the night.
    To me, being naked is as much a feeling as it is an actual state of undress, because I feel plenty naked even if I'm still wearing shorts...

  13. um, temp issues here, i grew up in alaska. which wouldn't matter except my parents were cheap bastards, so not only did i rock jammied, i had a special pair to wear under my jeans when it was REALLY cold out. also canard; i put my undies back on because i sleep on my belly which usually ends with my arms under me and my hands on my crotch, i NEED my undies to let my body know its business time, sleep, for reals! i mean it!

  14. I sleep in pajamas...but that's mostly because I have a really low body temperature compared to other people so I need to keep warm at night and the covers just don't do it/I kick them off. I'm gay, though, so I don't think it's just a straight girl thing...unless I'm the only one. Crap. Now you've got me wondering.

  15. I'm bi, I usually sleep naked, and I also run around naked for quite a while in the morning (except for when it's just too cold in my apartment). It's just so much more comfortable, in the first place because there are no folds that you can lie on, and nothing you can accidentally get entangled in.
    My straight friends however all sleep in pyjamas, as far as I know. Seems like you're right with your theory.

  16. Naked time forever!!! I sleep naked usually and lounge about my flat naked or at least sans shirt unless my flatmate brings someone over... and still, often not even then.

    I love naked time and so does my girlfriend, but she HAS to wear pajamas to bed... because she's weird. I either sleep naked next to her or wear some trousers since she is clothed and I don't want to feel awkward.

    Same as the writer above, my girlfriend's a blanket hog (and a sleep puncher) so sometimes I do wear the pajamas if it's cold since I know at some point in the night, they'll be my only protection against the elements.

  17. i sleep naked and so does my girlfriend

  18. My girlfriend and I are long distance. When we're together, all of this applies:

    "They fuck with the lights on;"-- We sure as hell do.
    "they prance around naked."-- I don't notice the prancing, so much as the boobs bouncing...
    "They pee, naked on the toilet, while you wash your face, naked."-- Guilty. Many times over.
    "Sometimes they cook naked!"-- As long as there's no hot oil to burn us, game on!

    "Even if they don't like to be naked themselves, they're thrilled if you want to be."-- Agreed.

    Thank you, Krista. Keep standing up for us naked-most-of-the-time lesbians. :)

  19. Here you go, another proof: I'm straight and I usually sleep with clothes on. Usually sleepwear, sometimes tank tops or flannel shirts or t-shirts or men's boxers or whatever - depends on what I have on when I go to bed (cause I never go there just to sleep, I want to read first or do something else, so it's not too comfy being naked).
    But, I sleep without panties if I've been to the shower just before going to bed - it's lazier not to put them on, and otherwise would be easier not to take them off (I'm just a lazy fuck).
    The reason, however, might be that I'm 18 and still live with my family and any of my siblings may pass by and wake me up.
    And if I sleep naked, it's too cold in the morning to get up and then I just stay in the bed between the sheets too long and be late from everywhere.
    My sister is like the straightest straight and she sleeps naked, though.

  20. i sleep in t-shirt and panties when it's warm, and cami & flannel pants when it's cold (with a sweater and socks if it's REALLY cold). i hate sleeping naked, whether i'm alone or w/ someone, so... yeah. it's me buying all that shit at target. and old navy. their flannel jammies are The Business.

  21. ask your friend how long she lived with her parents for and how recently :P I sleep naked at my partner's but wear pajamas at home so i can stumble out of bed and grouch around the house.

  22. our household does it mix style. some days we have on underwear and shirts, many days we do not. But mostly our sleeping disposition is influenced by the temperature. in the winter pjs are sometimes needed along with a stocking cap. our house is old, old, old so it gets ultra cold and ultra hot. summer time is naked time. winter time is wool layer time (though once we are snuggled into bed together the layers sometimes get ripped off cause we get hot under the covers:)

    but my hotty femme lady is the one who taught me to go without underpants and tops. otherwise i was a cloistered mfer. and still i like to have sex with my shirt on; my lady has to tear it off me at times.

    you are right on about nothing feeling so good as snuggling up naked with one another in bed. right now my beloved is pregnant and she feels extra good. and in her pregnancy she sleeps naked every single night.

    did you really, really paint your lips with a sharpie? you are a freak;)

  23. My house is a nudie house! My girlfriend and I sleep naked, get up and drink our coffee naked- I even cook breakfast naked! I don't get dressed until I get out of the shower with the purpose of going somewhere. But more likely than not getting out of the shower prompts more naked times- because this is a preamble to DOING IT. the only time one of us does not sleep naked is because we have fallen asleep with our clothes on that we wore all day. And we do not wear pajamas during the day!

  24. Yeah, yeah, pajamas are a drag. I hear you. And I agree. But what about the lipstain? Worth buying?!

  25. 62 years old hetro here, My Mama said no undies at night. "you gotta let that puppy breath" she said. So naked for 50 years! I love this blog. Good job ;-)

  26. OK. I start out in pajamas, or sweatpants and a Tshirt. At some point during the night, i take off the pants...I don't even wake up, it just happens. Am I weird?

  27. ok, a few things:

    1. college = total naked time. gay, straight, sideways, whatever! and yes, pjs are for lounging/parental visits. its a right of passage, a "i'm a big girl/boy now!" moment when naked sleeping is a routine.

    2. for every day i've been alive, i'd say about 4/5ths of that time has been spent in skirts. i LOVE skirts. and dresses. ooo la la. shorts look like bulky underwear. but anyways, i digress. i started sleeping naked the minute i was out of my parents house. and i gave up underwear this summer because it was SO FREAKING HOT IN THE FREAKING CITY uggggggggg. at this rate, i should be a full blown nudist by age 60? sweeeeeet.

    3.) i'm positive that the quality of one's life can be determined by how long one can go WITHOUT having to put pants on. it's the war on pants. it wages daily.

    4.) tragically, i'm straight. boo. but hey, as i said before, i sleep naked. unity in nudity! woo!

  28. i stopped wearing actual pajamas a LONG time ago.
    i progressed to sleeping in a t-shirt and shorts.
    and now i just sleep with underwear on coz i feel it's sooooo unneccessary!
    i think i'm the only one in my house that sleeps pretty much naked though haha

  29. I sleep naked.

    Every night.

    Unless my friend and not lover is sleeping over :C
    I will take off all of my clothes, in a slow, lovely fashion, and curl the fuck up and clench onto my pillow and fall asleep. Then I'll wake up, put on pajamas, and roll on downstairs.

    Feels good man.

  30. I forgot to add that I'm a senior in highschool and have been sleeping naked since about 3rd grade when I decided that pajamas were stupid

  31. Naked. I sleep naked. My dude roommate sleeps naked (a fact that has had some hilarious side effects whilst we've had house guests & he's had to make that not-awake-yet bathroom run). But all of my exes have been pj people. The dudes wore boxers, generally. And the ladies went for things ranging from undies up to full sweats - something I could never understand. Luckily, none of them tried to change my ways.

  32. Straight girl who sleeps naked, mostly.
    I own
    15 pairs of pj pants.
    I wear them during the day, of course! But I need all the different types bc ONE PAIR is perfect for snuggling while ANOTHER pair is perfect for being grumpy and they all have their uses!!!

  33. I´m a straight girl and i sleep on my panties if I’m alone, or even with my close friends, who are used to see me naked, but I own pjs to sleep at houses where people are not used to see on the nude, like my grams.. =)

  34. I'm an in the middle lesbian, not super fem. but not butch. I always, always sleep naked UNLESS Im at someones house who is not a "special friend". My ex is very butch however, and she rarely would go without at least undies, even during sex

  35. I'm a boring straight girl too, and I HATE sleeping with jammies on! They twist all up around my legs and I get all sweaty and claustrophobic. And I had to laugh when I read today's column, because the only time I wear pjs to bed is...wait for it...when I visit my parents :)

  36. i usually sleep with underwear, but nothing else.

  37. In a house full of straight girls, I'm the only naked one. I don't think they appreciate the nudity as much as I do..

  38. cold weather means that my girlfriend and i usually end up in some degree of clothing. we have very different internal thermometers, too, so one of us is usually sitting bolt upright at 2am and stripping down.
    by 'one of us', i mean me.
    if i won't freeze to death, i love sleeping naked - but that being said, i really really like undressing my baby...

  39. Nope, can't sleep naked. Too sexy. Need pajamas.

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  41. Just a comment on the first picture.

    The end of the quote should read: "...she shall be brought to the door of her father's house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death."

    Oh... and it doesn't matter if she was a virgin or not, if they can't find any proof it's off to daddies house.

    pjs or no? I'm an old fart, I'd rather not give anyone here nightmares.

  42. I'm in college, and have been sleeping clothed, because usually there are people traipsing in and out of our room at odd hours (my roommate is popular), but I LOVE sleeping naked...
    that's probably the thing I miss the most about home..
    But i was talking to a bi friend about loving nakedness, but her straight roomie thought we were crazy. maybe its a gay thing.

  43. I sleep with only undies and a t shirt, and the only reason why I wear those to being with is because I am currently living with my parents, and there's bugs in their house. I have woken up with bugs crawling on me, and don't want any crawling around my lady parts. Awful, isn't it?

    Man I need my own place.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Oh yes, our house is most definitely a naked house. Pajamas are for hanging out in the living room, but as soon as we "retire" to the bedroom, it is naked time... I'm fairly sure my neighbors have gotten an eyeful at times.

    I lived in this great apartment in Uptown that was a twin to the building next door. The windows in the two buildings lined up exactly. One night/morning I was in the living room playing my piano (digital, so I had those giant headphones on), naked at 3 or 4 am and I stopped and turned to look out the window just as the dude that lived in the apartment in the twin building walked into his living room and stopped dead in his tracks. I turned back and kept playing. I never saw the shades open in that apartment again.

  46. My husband and I both sleep naked, as have most of my past partners, both male and female.

  47. naked naked naked sleep time. I just worry that the fire alarm will go off in the dorm one night and I'll be so tired that I'll roll out of bed and down the stairs forgetting my bathrobe....

    but regardless, naked time whenever possible!

  48. Depending on the weather I sleep in underwear/bra or in sweatpants/bra since I'm always cold. If it's any degree of hot outside it's nude all the time.

    I'm sensing a new addition of "sharpies in any lipstick shade" to the List of Things Krista Is Not Allowed to Touch.

  49. I sleep with comfy pj pants and a singlet or batman shirt. My girlfriend sleeps naked most nights. HOORAY!!!!! ahem.

  50. Naked.
    Less clothing more of the time

  51. 100% hetero, 100% clothes. PJs every night, no matter how much my fiance tells me he'd prefer me to sleep naked.

  52. Panties! Panties all the time. I have a slight phobia about bare ass on the furniture (also the main reason I don't have pets). I don't usually sleep in anything but the afore mentioned panties unless I'm getting freaky. I think straight-ies wear pajamas because a lot of men think naked is always a come-on.

  53. I only wear pajamas when it's too cold, and I can't find enough blankets. That's the ONLY TIME. Even with a roommate in my apartment, I sleep with only underwear whenever possible, because I also found the joys of the top bunk.

    I think naked could be a lesbian thing mostly because we don't give a shit, and because we're more open.

  54. We rarely sleep naked. I usually wear a tank-top and boxers, but my girfriend wears super soft pjs...perfect for taking off in the middle of the night.

  55. I love to sleep in a tank top and underwear. I CAN sleep naked, particularly after business time, but I don't sleep as well. Probably has something to do with my prudishness, and not my gayness.

  56. I agree with the above commenter about men thinking naked is always a come-on. Back when I thought I was straight (or the "dark ages" as i like to call it)I could NOT sleep naked w/o my boyfriend trying to initiate sex. Even if we had already had sex that night, when he woke up the next morning and saw me naked he'd instantly be all over me. Obviously, I learned to sleep in lots of layers

  57. i sleep with pajamas, all the time, mainly because i hate my body. if i was cute and thin i would go naked all day every day.

  58. We happen to be a pajama wearing household. This probably is because. 1. We have our youngest daughter still living at home and sometimes she just doesn't get it. (I have actually had to tell her "Kik, we need the house to ourselves for a few hours") and 2. we have house guests (My sis and her husband about 4 months out of each year. Kind of puts a damper on the naked sleeping- sex on the kitchen table- naked breakfast eating lifestyle. Soon though, soon everybody will move out and maybe we can spend more time naked.....I'll let you know. That and I would feel more comfy naked if i lost a dozen or more pounds.

  59. Naked in summer when its freaking hot, pjs in winter when its freaking cold. I'd sleep naked in winter, but I can't afford the heating bill I would get having the house at 80 degrees all night so I was comfortable!

  60. I totally sleep naked all the time, regardless of whether I'm the only one in bed or not. But I do have pajamas to put on when leaving bed and encountering people that probably don't want to see me naked.

  61. Bi girl, thought the same as you about No-one Really Wears PJs. If the door is lockable (living with lovely friends = no expectation of personal space :D) and I'm alone or just with a partner, it's naked time, forget whether or not we're actually going to bed! It's just so much more comfy. We get piles of clothes by the door for going back out again. The only exception is panties in Shark Week, and a bra when standing up and wandering around cos otherwise ouch.
    On a quick poll of friends of mixed genders and sexualities, only one person doesn't sleep naked, and for that everyone else thinks he's really weird.
    I will admit, though, to owning and buying pjs specifically for staying with parents or having platonic friends over. It's only polite.

  62. Thank god you did find out about Sharpies so we don't have to! Before the whole chemical burn deal, it did sound that the kind of thing that'd seem a great idea . . .

  63. Naked naked naked naked! Unless it's high summer, weirdly enough, because then my legs stick together and I can't sleep.

  64. i'm a fat butch naked person. i live alone. i sleep naked and spend a lot of time hanging out naked. i seriously am like you-- i didn't think anyone slept in pajamas. i even sleep naked when i visit my parents-- i just lock by bedroom door and have a robe nearby.

  65. Straight and sleep with a tank top and underpants.

    I think you should do a pie chart of the comments after all is said and done.


  66. Have slept naked for YEARS! I can't imagine putting clothes on to go to sleep, except when I'm staying at people's houses and don't have a door. As you said: no-pants win!

  67. I'm straight and used to wear t-shirts and panties, but I finally found my perfect nightgown - soft jersey, mid-thigh, with a very deep v-neck and short sleeves (I bought two!). Sometimes I like to sleep naked, but usually I like that extra layer to protect my skin in case the covers get pulled off or it gets drafty, or in case I get too warm and throw the covers off completely. Now that I switched to a nightie, no underwear (the t-shirts were too short and it would get drafty!). I keep saying "drafty," but I hate a breeze of any sort and can't sit in front of a fan. Insane, I know. Totally insane.

  68. Pajamas are a fabulous extra category of not-quite-clothing for lounging about in. I own about 15 pairs (when I'm not living out of a suitcase, which is most of the last 2 years) and I have pajamas for spring mornings in the garden, pajamas for late-night-movie-watching, pajamas and robes for sitting on the balcony drinking tea- so many types of pajamas!

    But, duh, none of them are for sleeping.

    Sleeping is definitely naked-time.

    I would like for all the time to be naked-time, but I've spent most of my adult life in enormous share-housing situations where finding comfortable shared nudity levels has been a bit of a challenge. I tend to wear at least underpants around the house out of deference to housemates who may not share my gleeful naked-is-best tendencies. Le sigh. One day I will live alone or with other happy lesbian nudists and it'll be bare breasts around the breakfast table, every morning.

  69. You should've used a Crayola marker... next time..

  70. Totally totally gay . . . and yet when I'm alone totally totally pajamas. They are cozy and I get cold.

  71. ok sooo funny story is that i am trying to have a CLEANSE from my ex. which means trying to get someone to take me home. i have succeeded on 2 separate occasions (getting to their apts) only to be GIVEN PAJAMAS and then BEEN CUDDLED. as in, no sex. no making out. no NOTHING. just pjs. one girl went so far as to call them JAMMIES.

    suffice to say, the second time i was given jammies, i left. didnt sleep over with the hope of something happening in the morning. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOOD OLD ONE NIGHT STANDS YOU USED TO HEAR ABOUT!! I wasn't out of the dating game *that* long.

    point is, the last 2 girls i have gone home with wear pajamas. and care more about pajamas than sex. with me. im cute. and dtf. girls in philly = crazy.

  72. Totally het and totally nudie, both in bed and around the house. I don't know if that's comforting or reassuring. Sorry.

  73. Krista, sometimes we think alike so much it scares me. >_>
    If I hadn't made myself continue reading, I would have severe chemical burns on my lips right now.

    Also, MY house is a nudie house. I haven't worn pajamas since I was like eleven years old. I'll be considerate when I'm not sleeping alone sometimes. But if it's just me or I'm with a certain person, I'll usually wear no more than a tshirt and panties.

  74. I'm a 24 year old bi chick (No, I mean a Real one) and I have only slept naked when I'm drunk. ;) It's hideously uncomfortable to me. I can't stand it unless it's about a billion degrees out. Sorry. To me, pajamas are for hanging out and watching movies AND sleeping.

  75. we sleep with clothes on unless we've had sexy time and aren't showering until morning/pass out. otherwise, we hop in shower, together or not, in put on jammies and then curl up together.

    dunno. she's pretty butch and i get the feeling i'm supposed to admire her boxers. :P and i just get cold easy.

  76. You are 100% right. PJs are for when you are having an actual Friend sleep over, or are staying at with family, or are being lazy around the house. No one sleeps with PJs on!!

    Oh wait. My girlfriend used to. But I explained to her how ridiculous it is, and she has since converted :)

  77. I can't sleep naked.
    I can't walk around naked.
    I can't cook naked.
    I can't lay in the sun naked.

    When I sleep with girls, when it's sleep time- I pull up my panties and snuggle into the little spoon position.

    I make coffee in my cute little American Apparel briefs in the morning.

    Even right now, I'm in my cute little La Vie En Rose briefs (in grey and black stripes) checking Effing Dykes, and feeling ashamed for not being a naked person.

    Maybe if I went to college it'd be different?

    My girls all seem to be naked ones though- sleep naked, drink coffee naked.

    Am I straight? Am I bisexual?
    All I know is I can't do 100% nudie-scootie.

  78. I only have clothes on my body when I am outside of my home. I hate wearing clothes! My girlfriend is amazed at how quickly I get naked. She sleeps in her little boy boxer briefs and sometimes a shirt if she was sweaty that day (her skin burns the shit out of my sensitive skin). If it is really cold I sleep naked but with socks and a beanie on. I cook, clean, lounge, sleep, read, fuck, and everything else naked as often as possible.

  79. I sleep in only a bra. Everyone I know thinks it's the weirdest thing. I just don't want to end up with saggy boobs someday. Lol. I will wear panties during my time of the month because I'm afraid of messing up the sheets. My girlfriend usually wears just panties. I guess between the 2 of us, we've got a full set! Oh, and we are both kinda femme lesbians, although i'm not sure what that has to do with anything.

  80. Naked. Always. My gf as well. I think I own PJ's, like for Christmas morning.
    We're a naked family... 4 year old daughter included. I don't want her growing up with body issues like I had, so if she wants to be naked, so be it!

  81. I usually start the night in a t-shirt and underwear. Then I burrow under the blankets and get hot, then I take off the t-shirt. If I can't sleep, I usually can cure it by getting completely naked. I like my pjs a lot, but I get way too hot in them to sleep. Unless I'm somewhere stupid cold and I can't control the temperature. So yeah--undies only for me! Plus all of my undies are super cute and I want to show them off to any potential sleeping partner. ;)

  82. Naked. Naked all the time, even at other people's houses that I'm not sleeping with (see grandparents). Sleeping in clothes results in waking up in the middle of the night because you're being strangled by your own shirt.

    That being said most people I know aren't nudie sleepers. But only because they've never tried it and and if they have can't get over that initial "i'm naked and that's scary" feeling. Weirdos.

  83. Great post!
    I love sleeping in pj's. It's a fun ritual for me getting ready to wind down & chill for the night. I love my hoodie nightdress.

    For me I only get naked when it's time to make love or shower or take a bath. I'm a pansexual girl & I do prefer to keep my clothes on when I make love with a woman.

    Most of my the people I've dated do sleep naked. It's all just preference. S'all good...

  84. I usually wear very little clothing when my deary would sleepover. When possible, I'm usually the one that would sleep in the nude, just cause it's that comfortable, and she's shy when it comes to being nude, so she usually wears panties and an undershirt.

    I don't mind wearing jammies though. They're comfy, but I prefer sleeping and cuddling in the nude. It just makes you feel that much closer. <3

  85. I'm gay and living in the frosty North with a constant blanket-hogger, so usually sleeptime involves clothes for warmth's sake. In the summer, it's just panties and a wife-beater (like I said, GAY); in winter it's a big t-shirt and boxers or old soccer shorts. And in January it's EVERY LAYER I OWN JEEZ.

    It's certainly not a modesty thing, since most of my sleepclothes are so old/ratty that they're not very G-rated. And when it's bedtime but NOT sleeptime...clothes are off and lights are on ;)

  86. I sleep naked if I shacked up with someone that night cuz it seems silly to get back out of bed and get dressed- BUT I sleep in clothes pretty much every other night. Mostly because I feel awk walking to the bathroom naked in the middle of the night- roommate, windows...

    Plus the sheets thing. Keeps em clean and un-smelly longer.

  87. I usually sleep with panties on, but sometimes go 100% naked. I only wear panties because I tend to be wet more often than dry and I don't want to mess up my sheets. My boyfriend always sleeps naked, except when he's not home/sleeping anywhere but my bed.

  88. I sleep in PJs just because I get cold really easily... and Canadian winters are really fuckin cold!

    But on a hot summer night, naked is the best!

  89. tank top and underwear.

  90. i really like nighties. I collect nighties and have more than fit in my drawers. They are better than dresses. I like all kinds, lacy, cottony, old lady plaid, sexy, silky, long and victorian, betsy J, slips, long shirts dresses etc. but sometimes i just get sick of digging through them and wear undies. Silly, i know. My girl wears little briefy things and no shirt which is absolutely perfect.

  91. ugh I hate naked sleep, I don't find it comfortable at all. I need my breasts reigned in a little. I like to think of it as the adult equivalent of babies being swaddled. I wear PJs up until it's time for sleeping then I lose the pants (I move too much) and sleep in a PJ top and panties.

  92. Sorry, but I definitely don't sleep naked! I've tried it before and didn't like it! Plus, I have a roommate. And my roommate is straight but likes to sleep naked when I'm not there.

    Sometimes I like sleeping with very little on, like a tank top and panties, but even then sometimes I feel overexposed. And I'm a lesbian!

    I think you may be trying a little too hard to be counter-cultural, no offense.


    I live alone so I'm almost naked most of the time. Pretty much as soon as I walk in the door its shoes off, pants off, bra off. Aaaand I pretty much don't clothe myself until its time to leave the house again. In fact I am in my hotshorts right now, checkin the interweb.

    but I do keep my panties on. till its time to get in bed.

    sadie's comment on if its cold she'll wear socks and a beanie to bed is precious, and if I didn't live in a warm climate I probs would too.

    p.s. thx for the blog. makes my day.

  94. I really didn't think that many people slept in pajamas. I hate it. I never get a good sleep if I'm not naked. Maybe it's because I'm naturally a very warm person, but I feel way more comfortable sleeping naked. They are just not necessary, no matter what the weather, and I live in Canada, winter gets damn cold. I always get twisted up in pajamas. And being naked feels great! Hell, I'm naked right now.

  95. I like naked sleeping but if I done clothing it is just an oversized t-shirt.

    The main point though is I HATE sleeping in underwear. I haven't since I was in 6th grade. I don't know why but it makes me feel all claustrophobic.

  96. i always sleep naked, but this reminds me of the oddest "date" i've ever been on, i was 21, and had a huge crush on this girl who came into the coffee shop i worked at all the time, she was real butch and older like 28, or something. so i told someone else who worked there to, tell her i liked her and somehow a bunch of us ended up out dancing at some strait club downtown. so the butch girl is buying me drinks and we are dancing and grinding all night, and she asks if i want to come home with her, and i'm like "yeah, for sure" we get to her house it's like 2am, she goes in to her room and emerges wearing flannel pants with ducks on them, and she has a couple more pairs of pajamas in her hands. she is offering me a choice in sleepwear.
    i politely decline, still hoping she will be tearing my clothes off at some point...
    then she asks if i want to play video games.
    i say no thank you, and tell her i'm going home.
    maybe i'm a slut but if i come over to your house after bar clothes it's not to wear pajamas and play video games.

  97. Bisexual naked sleeper right here! My boyfriend sleeps naked (and would be naked all the time if at all possible), my girlfriend loves pyjamas, usually wearing ones with little doggies or other cutesy characters on them. I wear pyjamas if it's very cold but usually end up taking them off once Ive warmed up.

  98. I'm a femme-y lesbian, and I've always slept in pajamas (not necessarily something that is specifically a "pajama set," but at least a pair of shorts and a t-shirt). Like a previous commenter, I think part of it is that I have a low body temperature and I get cold easily. My also femme-y girlfriend (with whom I have not been able to share a bed for quite some time, stupid LDR...) sleeps in panties and a tank top, or naked, and seemed really surprised when I told her the morning after we'd slept together for the first time that I'd never slept naked before and I'd never felt comfortable enough to sleep naked with someone else. And on another occasion (when we were just going to sleep, not about to have sexy times), she seemed surprised that I was going to wear shorts to bed. So for the most part, I need to be clothed when I sleep, unless I get to have my girl as my blanket.

  99. (1) My ex-landlord and his family LOVE pajamas (they're from Hong Kong). Except perhaps their GAP-shopping 20-something daughter, the whole family ALL wear matching pajama sets. All. The. Time. There are like 20 of them, and they all have their own sets. If I locked myself out (we shared a building), one of them would come downstairs, AT ANY TIME OF DAY, wearing a pajama SET. Not just a tee shirt with a flowery printed pant. THE ENTIRE SET. With slippers.

    I always wondered whether this was carried over from their culture and pajamas are huge in Hong Kong, or whether it's a misinterpretation of ours. But really, I don't know if they wear anything else. Ever. I honestly have no proof that they do.

    (2) I have been a naked person since the day I was born. My favorite baby picture of myself features me crouched on the floor in my birthday suit attacking a christmas stocking when I was 2. I, too, have an entire underbed compartment full of sleepwear that, yes, I only put in my suitcase when I'm going home for the holidays.

    Pajamas are for... doing laundry, keeping the bleach off my ass when I'm scrubbing the bathtub, giving as hand-me-downs. Sweatpants are for when it's A/Ced in the gym to wear shorts or I'm trying to look butchy while I... do dishes. (I also like to wear skirts when I'm using tools.)

    Teddys are for removing promptly.

    One thing I will say, though, is that sleeping skin-on-skin all night long CAN become rather sticky. There have been many a night my lady and I have woken up to peel ourselves apart.

    To remedy this, one of us keeps a shirt on and the other opts for pants which, of course, I remove within five minutes anyway.

  100. 100, First blog with 100 comments and it was a dude

  101. I'm in college and I dearly look forward to the day when I share an apartment with either only myself or my boyfriend (I know, laaaame) so I can be naked all the time. Whenever I'm with him in his single we sleep naked, cook naked, read naked, and fuck naked, and naturally, with the lights on. I think I prefer being naked more than him though, but that might be because I have slightly better body image/ self-confidence issues than he does. Sometimes I nap naked if I know for sure that my roommate won't be back, and it's the most delicious feeling ever. One day, one day...

  102. "Bisexual Naked Sleeper"--it sounds to me like you are a POLYAMOROUS naked sleeper.

    This reminds me of the time my then 4-YO daughter asked me what the "tear-free" on her shampoo bottle meant. I told her it meant that it wouldn't hurt if it got in her eyes. The next day she poured in in her eyes and came in the living room screaming, "You said it was TEAR-FREE, Mommy!" She would totally try to eat chocolate-scented soap...just to see.

  103. Bi. Naked sleeper. Husband naked sleeper too.

    Exceptions made only in case of cold Midwestern winters. But even then, we'll throw a bunch more blankets on top first because it's the best to sleep naked under nice heavy cozy covers!

  104. I will post this only because I didn't see anyone else with this issue. The wife and I have a 15yr old son. Before he was born it was naked sleep and awake. Austin, Texas is usually weather cooperative. Now its tshirts and undies as it would just be creepy for the kid to see his moms naked.

  105. First things first: i sleep at least with underwear on, just because my college friends have a tendency to just appear in my room, never bothering to knock.
    Secondly, wait so did the lipstain look good (not the sharpie one)? I want to try one but they look odd, like it will be really obvious or something.

  106. Naked, all the way. I own LOTS of jammies, but they are definitely not for sleeping. If it's warm enough, I don't really wear clothes at home either, but since we live in Seattle and are too poor for heat, that's not often enough. And yes, I am a big fucking dyke, albeit one who complicatedly enough is married to a lovely man in a totally normal 2 children, 2 dogs lifestyle. Okay, the normal part is a huge lie.

  107. Park House at Smith College is a naked house. And we love this blog so much...uncomfortably much. Thank you for providing endless hours of entertainment as well as hilarious names to call each other (fuzz-bumper, homos, lady lovers, lezzers...). You can come visit whenever you want. Google it. 425-681-0026

  108. I dunno. I'm straight and I CANNOT sleep naked. I hate the way it feels. I hate the vulnerability from being naked and asleep. My hubby luuurrrvvvsss to sleep naked, but I have to have on panties and a top. No exceptions. It might have something to do with abuse as a child, but I pretty much feel like I got over that aspect of my life 10 years ago. It doesn't contribute. I love jammies :)

  109. I prefer to sleep naked but when it's really cold I do wear a teeshirt or something to bed.

  110. My wife (entirely gay, I just object to the term civil partner) sleeps in: knee high socks, pj bottoms, big baggy T-shirt with a sweat shirt over the top, and a beenie hat... While I will be in a thin vest and my pants... She just gets really cold easily, I don't... infact I'm pretty much always too hot in bed due to the ridiculously high tog duvet we have (they should really make doible duvets with different togging on each side). Think it's just a temperature/comfort thing rather than a gay/straight thing.
    Do all you naked people live in hot places, or you just like to spend a lot on heating?!

  111. Well! Because I live with my bestest special lady friend (and her family - long story) we use pajamas as an OH FUCK WAS THAT THE GARAGE/hang out until everyone goes to work/bed/school thing.

    Every other second, we're naked. I drink my free Starbucks naked in the bathroom while we talk and she pees naked. I study for college naked. I sleep naked. What the hell is the point of covers if you're going to have clothes on? Silly heterosexuals.

  112. Live alone/with girlfriend/with roommate(s) you feel comfortable with= Sleep naked. Live with rents/family/roommate(s) you dont want to see you naked= Sleep with your puss covered at least. I love sleeping naked, and did it when I lived alone/with a girlfriend...but now I am living with my aunt and uncle (college=expensive) so I keep a robe by my bedside, just in case.

  113. I wear my pink pajamas in the summer when it's hot.
    I wear my flannel nightie in the winter when it's not.
    And sometimes in the springtime,
    and sometimes in the fall,
    I jump between the sheets with nothin' on at all!

    Glory, glory, hallelujah!
    Glory, glory, what's it to ya?
    Balmy breezes blowin' through ya,
    with nothin' on at all!


    Okay, 1) totally not a straight girl thing, but I find that if you suggest sleeping with said straight girl while you're both naked, you get a raised eye brow. Or two. Hell, three if it's a sleepover!

    2) I don't think it's a gay girl thing either, because I have les friends who think that it's weird that I sleep naked.

    3) I'm so glad someone else thinks sleeping naked is as awesome as I do. I don't go around the house naked (still living with parents), but if I had my own place, I totally would.

  115. Definitely naked all the time around my house! ESPECIALLY when I'm sleeping. Or playing the piano. Or making any food at all, even if it means I burn myself in REEEEALLY strange places. But I have had to start wearing clothes around because my roommate's girl comes around at unknown times and it's just not her thing. Sad day.:(

  116. Most you are lying, right?

  117. ok first, you are fucking hilarous and a fantastic final find of the day: I found you on Autostraddle, which I found on Fit For A Femme, which I found at AfterEllen, which I read pretty much first thing in the morning when I arrive my painfully straight office.
    second, finding your blog in such a roundabout way makes it even better that the first post I read has a photo of the lesbian boss of my most recent ex-girl.
    tiny fucking world, kids. XO

  118. oh and also, i agree - sleeping is only ever done well in complete nudity

  119. if I'll lose my feet from cold by not doing it I might sleep dressed. otherwise, my bed is a naked zone


    Seriously, it's nothing or panties/manties only in my marriage bed, yo. Unless one of is sick and has the chills, or we're camping somewhere it gets below 50 degrees at night, that's just how it is.

  121. topless and panties. gf and myself both sleep this way :)

  122. courtney is so wrong.
    i sleep so nakedly.
    (except this dorm life is kind of crimping my style at the moment)

  123. Sharpie love! Thanks for the heads up!

  124. Pajama clothes are primarily for cuddling on the sofa or vegan french toast mornings. Sleepovers too, sure, or my mom's scratchy sheets when I visit, shit, I'll wear pants to bed in those sheets. At home though... I can't stand clothes around my legs, but I will wear a tshirt sometimes or really worn in 70s or American Apparel jogging shorts. You'd never catch ME jogging in them, and you might get to see some ass-cheek, but for comfort I love 'em.

    ...and for the record, I'm not the aforementioned Courtney. ;)

  125. Defintely not just a you thing, and not a lesbian thing, either. I've slept naked since I was 5! I loathe wearing clothes to bed. It's way more comfortable to be between the sheets with no clothes on.

  126. oh lordie, unless i'm a) on my rag, b) someone's guest, c) too tired to take off my clothes, or d) it's really friggin' cold, i'm naked. end of discussion.

    though with a, b, and c i usually just sleep in a pair of boxers.

  127. i'm a lesbian i do enjoy sleeping naked if my girlfriend is over. however, i very nearly cannot function without pants on. but i think i have it a bit backwards cuz naked is for cuddling, and i'm far far too accident prone to ever cook or walk around the house naked. the thought of the possible injuries just makes me shudder

  128. Im bi and I sleep naked. My fiance sleeps in his underwear... I think it is just a prefrence thing...

    I only sleep naked if I'm not on my period, and in my own house though....

  129. I think it must be a lesbian thing. My girlfriend and I sleep naked every night. Minus the 5 or so nights we bleed... then we sleep in panties... other than that we chill in our apartment naked. It makes it really interesting because we happen to live in an efficiency and share a bathroom. So that is always fun.

  130. my girlfriend sleeps in socks. thats it. her feet are way too fucking cold to not wear socks.

  131. Park House at Smith College may be a naked house but not every other house there is quite so naked. However, that doesn't mean that people outside of Park House don't read and enjoy this blog.

    When I'm at home and especially in the summer when it's hot I'll sleep in just my underwear. I really like to keep underwear on at almost all times. I know this is probably not normal. It just makes me feel safe.

    The rest of the time, I wear a t-shirt and some kind of shorts/boxers/whatever (pj pants if it's cold). I feel like that way if someone's knocking on my door at 3 am I'm prepared.

  132. My uber-butch girlfriend is only naked when we shower. Once in a blue moon during sex. I love seeing her naked, but it doesn't make her comfortable, so as long as she is comfortable, all is good :)

    I, however, sleep naked 99% of the time, weather allowing. She is a sheet hog (yes, even with pajamas on!) so sometimes pajama's are necessary. I prance around the house in boyshorts/thongs and t-shirts. I'm not comfortable sitting naked (and as we live in Upstate NY and it's nearing winter - br!) but she has no objections when I do.

    I bake half-clothed, she cooks clothed, we make love with the lights on, she will come in to pee if I am taking over the bathroom doing my hair and make-up. We don't care. She gropes me and slaps my ass when we go grocery shopping, ffs. Yes, we're one of those out-and-obscenely-proud dyke couples :)

  133. If I have sex with my girlfriend before bed then we sleep naked other wise its usually a flimsy shirt and some underwear or sleeping shorts. i sleep naked if im hot but not otherwise.

  134. If PJ's are a straight girl thing then it totally explains my pajama-habits, cause I'm a bi girl and about half the time i wear some form of clothing to bed and half the time not. However, I live in a dorm, and about half the time it's "fuckin' freezing" and half the time its "fuckin' hot", which i suppose could also explain it.

  135. know, I never considered this until lately. Somehow for a long time I never put two and two together that wearing a top + sleeping next to my girlfriend = oh, that's why I wake up stupidly hot in the middle of the night!... It's also possibly because I haven't left home yet so it's not like I could wander around in the buff.

    Despite it being October, I tried sleeping naked alone. Good results. And then with my girlfriend, both of us...

    You, madam, have enlightened us. Thank you.

    (fyi; it's a straight-girl-living-at-home thing. or possibly a cosmopolitan magazine girl thing.)

  136. I usually sleep naked. I don't like the way my clothes feel under the covers.

  137. sorry, but i'm super gay AND super into pajamas. my body temp drops so low when i'm sleeping that i would probably die before morning without sweatpants, slipper socks, and a huge pile of blankets. but i totally encourage the rest of you to sleep naked.

  138. I'm bi & I sleep naked almost all the time. I only put on p.j.'s to go into the living room so I don't scare the crap out of my straight roommates lol and I wear them to bed if a straight girl is sharing it (sometimes--me & one of straight buds frequently sleep nude together). I love pajama pants and the like, but they're more *lounge* pants because it has to cold as fuck for me to sleep in p.j.'s. I get too hot in pajamas most of the time & I just generally love being naked. If I lived by myself or with just an S.O., I would never wear clothes around the house. ;D

  139. Fuck, if every day could be naked day...
    Unless I am blacked-out-shit-faced clothes are a no-go in my boudoir. I will fight bitter cold with blankets unless in the grip of fever, and even then it is debatable. My fellow insist on briefs because the dog weirds him out, though. I wear pajamas when I have to answer the door or let said dog out, or when staying in the homes of others, but that is it. I can't believe ladies once burned bras, but we kept the jammies. Lame-o. :P

  140. I'm a lesbian, and I sleep with pajama pants because I don't like my leg hair stubble scratching together. I only sleep naked when I fall asleep after orgasming or when I've just shaved.

  141. I love that quote about Victorian Posture!! Just found your blog today and I'm totally addicted. Thanks so much for writing.

  142. I'm a lesbian, and am a naked or just underwear sleeper, unless I am back at home visiting my mom (because sharing a room with my sister + having a teenage brother running around who doesn't believe in knocking + having my mom there = WAY too many opportunities for awkward). The only other times that I wear pajamas are when visiting friends, when friends visit, when the roommates keep the apartment way too cold for naked sleeping, and if I fall asleep while studying.

  143. In my all girl household, we're super fans of The Naked. I can't imagine sleeping in clothes. Uncomfy! How do I enjoy the fleece sheets in winter? The last time I wore clothes to bed, I passed out after a night out of much drinking and dancing.

  144. I vary. If I'm with a lady friend and we've already gotten naked, I sleep naked. If it's hot out, I sleep naked (or if it's not freezing).

    If I'm drunk/really tired I sleep in an odd assortment of clothes. Usually I just lose the pants. I will wake fully clothed (flannel shirt, undershirt, bra, undies, socks) but no pants. I hate sleeping in pants. In fact, I'm curling up in bed to take a nap right now and I have taken off my pants.

    Often it's just undies and maybe a t shirt.

  145. Naked for lyfe. Srsly, I just CAN'T sleep with clothes on anymore, I won't fall asleep!

  146. I'm all about naked sleeping. In fact, I'm just all about being naked. period.

    Most nights it's nothing. If I'm wearing something it might be a tee of sorts, and if I have any other article of clothing on, it's shorts. Bras? heck no. Underwear? most likely not.

    Who doesn't like to be naked, cuddling up next to their naked girl? Srsly.

  147. i love to be naked. whenever possible. which of late has been not very often.

    but most of my straight women friends sleep fully clothed in pjs.

  148. I have 3 sisters, my one sister and I are both gay and are both naked sleepers, as are all gay girls I've had the pleasure of sleeping with. However my other two sisters are both straight and both sleep fully decked out in PJs. It must be a straight-girl thing.

  149. i feel like gay girls tend (tend being being the operative word; no need to get offended if this is not true) to be more comfortable with their bodies and other bodies as female, so... my experience is that straight girls have waaaaaaaayyy more insecurities. idk. that's what i've encountered.

  150. i'm straight (i think, im only 18; i still have time to figure myself out. i might be bi. idk.) anyway, i sleep naked and walk around naked if i know no one (parents, people i'm house sitting for, etc.) won't be home, even though i am definitely not comfortable with how i look. as long as i dont run into mirrors or anything, im fine. :)

  151. If sex is on I'll wear jammies because I like being undressed by my boi. Otherwise- I'm naked like 90% of always. Clothes are for being peeled off with teeth or for leaving the house. Nothing more.

  152. I'm a straight girl and I almost always sleep in just my undies. I'll occasionally pull on a really soft t-shirt, though.

    Sweatpants are for lounging around the house and pajama pants are for sleepovers.

    The end.

  153. Lesbian here. I usually sleep in a pair of undies, but that's it. Pajamas are for sleepovers, bumming around the house, or any time you have to share a bed with someone you're not fucking. Not for sleeping alone or with your girlfriend. Why in heaven's name would you want to sleep with clothes on when it's not absolutely necessary?

    And you can scratch "bumming around the house" from that list if you're home alone. Unless it's cold and you legitimately need clothes for warmth... yeah.

  154. First comment since I found your AWESOME blog Thursday I've been trying to catch up. I'm 21 (in the "not straight" phase) and wear shirt and shorts too bed and always clothed even if I'm alone at home even though I live in the Tropics.
    Reasons why:
    1. I live with my mother.
    2. We even sleep in the same bed.(It started after my dad's dead at age six as away to comfort one another. As a result I never got over my fear of sleeping alone. I definitely need to stop this)

    I don't think this will change in the future because I'd never be able to sleep or walk around completely naked (used to walk around in my underwear as a kid)in my house without my breast(man they changed everything) having some kind of support.

  155. I'm a straight girl and I wear pajamas. In the winter. When I am sitting on the couch watching a movie. As soon as I get under the covers they all come off, possibly excluding underwear but not always.

  156. NAKED! I love it. Def would sleep naked all the time. I really don't get people who sleep with their clothes on.

  157. I sleep naked sometimes. I usually wear shorts and a tank top. My lesbian best friend though, always sleeps naked. And cooks naked. And does all the things you mentioned, naked.

  158. I sleep in a tank top and underwear or shorts. I have very large breasts (cup size G) and when I sleep naked I stick to myself in unpleasant ways. And when I sleep naked with someone else, they always wind up rolling over onto my nipple or something. Ouch. Also, I think pretty much any girl in pajama pants is super hot. You can see their curves right through the pants! they're not wearing any underwear! - but they're not trying at all to be sexy. That's the key. Kind of like the librarian stereotype thing.

  159. Currently living at home with a mother who thinks nothing of barging into my room in the wee hours of the morning. I used to love the nude sleepy time but now it just ain't happenin, for both of our sanity's.

  160. I always sleep naked, and so have all my lesbian gfs over the years. I hardly own any sleepwear or pjs. It was an issue when I went to a conference and the boss I work for ended up asking all the staff to share rooms and I forgot to even pack anything to sleep in -- I only had suits and didn't think about it until it was time to go to sleep and my straight colleague I was sharing a hotel room with climbed into her pajamas. And yes, there is nothing better than sleeping with naked ladies.

  161. I'm bi. I have always worn pj's, (shorts and a T shirt). Even with my ex boyfriend. With my current girlfriend my sleeping habits have changed and I now sleep naked with her 90% of the time. She prefers sleeping naked with me. There's always a lot of breast holding and holding of other things. (Whether we're naked or not.)

  162. I *prefer* to be naked however since I still live at home (college kid here) I have to wear clothing most of the time, though I have dated girls in the past who didn't like to sleep naked, sober at least ;)

  163. For me, it all depends on my mood. Often at times I'll got to bed in a top and panties, pj pants if it's cold, but somewhere during the night I'll kick pices off that en up pushed down to the and of my bed. Sometimes there's an entire pile of leftover pj's in my bed when it's time to change the sheets :)

  164. We sleep in PJs...always. It's a rare, intimate night that we sleep naked. Then again, we live in a drafty old house (like over 100 years old) and we're really poor and don't turn up the heat past 62.

  165. Personally, I sleep with AT LEAST underwear and a shirt on 99.9% of the time. I prefer wearing both underwear and boxers/shorts/pj pants, but I sleep without because my lady will make this ridiculous whining noise if I start to put them on when we're going to bed.

    My lady (who is not a full-out 100% girls-only lezzer) sleeps naked unless it's cold, and even then she takes her clothes off in the middle of the night once she's warmed up. Occasionally she'll keep her knickers on.

    But yeah, I agree, the queermoes seem to be big into nudity. Look at the Pride Parade, for example! Pasties and nipple-tape as far as the eye can see!

  166. I sleep with a v-neck and boxer briefs o.o but then again I do happen to have an infatuation with bloomers....

  167. the more naked, the better. all of the time. this should apply to every avenue of a lesbians life.

  168. Nakedness all the way. I've never actually thought about this, but you're so right. When being with girls, being naked just seems right. Even with this girl I didn't know for long, who I got drunk with, who spent the night, who I fucked. Even when sobering up, we totally just walked around naked, peed while the other was in the bathroom. She even took her hair extensions and hold them over her cunt as a new hairstyle, and we had a great laugh about it.

    Yes, being naked is just right. Especially in bed. Only time I put on pyjamas is when I travel, stay with friends or have someone over. And strangely enough, it seems like most of my friends (pretty much all straight) sleep with clothes on. I don't get it.

  169. Oh my god... Sex in the dark? That sounds kinky. I like my lights on for sexy times. :) ...but I'll think about that maybe.

    Also naked time is all the time. Like actually I've had awkward neighbor moments. Most lesbians I know like from camp (oh, geek camp...) don't put pj pants/shorts on until they first wake up, so they can go to breakfast. We had actual discussions about this. Because we were all wearing plaid pj pants.

    However, I have met a lesbian who sleeps with her clothes on. She wears a huge sweatshirt and sweatpants and her girlfriend was like "it's actually cute because I'm butt naked and she's complainey about being cold."

    But I didn't know that most lesbians did it. I mean, four out of five lesbians I know who have told me about it sleep naked. Now imma assume ALL lesbians... o.o

  170. sleeping with clothes on is a good way to accidentally strangle yourself. I'm straight and can't remember the last time I slept with pajamas on. ICK! They ARE for couch-lounging and for the walk to the bathroom at the parents' house.

  171. Total agreement. Clothes are too suffocating. As soon as I walk into my house, the clothes come off (although sometimes panties stay on...depends on how chilly it is) and I can go about doing anything I'd normally do.

    I do usually wear knee-high socks, though. We live in a 1920s house with freezing wood floors and it bothers my feet.

    My girlfriend and I are in total agreement about this. Clothes are for being out in public. Naked is the way to go. Just wear an apron when cooking anything that will splash hot oils onto you! (Trust me)

    I'm just very surprised at how many people rely on PJs! If it's your thing, go for it, but being naked is totally awesome.

  172. i once hooked up with a lady, and we lie there, post-sex, smiling a lot and talking about things and laughing, and then she gets up and puts on PJs and asks me if I want some. it seemed like the thing to do, so I agreed. was strange. tank top and shorts<naked.

  173. I am straight and I never wear clothes to bed! It seems as weird as going outside naked. I guess that means something you only do at special occations. Such as sleepovers at your grandma's. Come to think of it, I often prance around the apartment wearing nothing but I smile. And I still live with my parents :P

  174. I just wanted to tell you that this:

    is me.
    And I'm not a lesbian. I am a transguy. Stop judging books by their covers. Thank you.

  175. I'm a naked sleeper. I own an INSANE amount of PJs that almost never come out of the drawer. I'm naked all the time at home. I'm sure I've flashed the neighbors and ungodly number of times. I hang out naked on the couch with a blanket, cook naked sometimes, sleep naked, do naked house work. My wife (legally married in DC in Jan 11, yay) is a converted naked lady. I think she was little shocked when we moved in together, I mean sure I wore cute little short shorts when I was "not flirting" hanging out with her when I was still "straight", but she had never been one to run around naked until me. We have a no clothes rule in the bed. And, i LOVE it. I love feeling her curled up with me. I love the sheets on my skin (we splurge on sheets). Plus, it makes it much easier when you decide you don't want to sleep anyway (which for me is pretty much anytime I'm horizontal). In fact the last business trip I went one, where I share a room with my boss (2 beds) I totally forgot PJs, had to sleep in my button down and pants cause I don't wear underwear either....

  176. My preference is to sleep naked. I hate pajamas in bed. They get all twisted and uncomfortable.

    But my wife sleeps fully clothed, she hates sleeping naked. It's weird.

    And, we have kids in the house, so sleeping naked has to be done carefully.

    Though I suppose that'd teach them to knock before walking in, right? ;)

  177. HA

    i read this while i was naked,
    lying in my bed.

  178. I seriously only wear clothes to sleep because I fear a FIRE in the middle of the night. My irrational fears clothe me. Ugh.

  179. Personally, I LOVE sleeping naked. However, I recently had my dude best friend move in to my one-room-one-bed apartment, so I have to wear clothes to bed. It's awful.

  180. I definitely need to sleep in pajamas -- and not just any pajamas! I get chilly super-easily, so unless it's SWELTERING in my room, I can't even get away with a nightshirt and underwear, or a nightgown, or something with shorts. Has to be a long sleeved pajama shirt and long pajama pants... with socks about half the time. And huddling under the covers. When I get tired, I get cold. |D

    That said, I don't live with my girlfriend (we're long distance); I'm not sure if my habits would change if I was actively sleeping with her and had the added body heat! Still, I'm so used to it that I find pajamas really comfy now; I may continue to wear them, or at least switch over to short sleeves and short pants.

  181. Well am 15 and live at home so still sleep in pj's, when with my gf like to cuddle up naked and sleep but sometimes in pj's too

  182. When sleeping alone: I sleep in pajama pants and a soft shirt if it's cold, just pajama pants if it's not particularly cold, naked or in shorts and a tank top if it's warm.

    When with my best friend (it's... complicated) he sleeps in pajama pants or underwear, and I sleep either in a shirt and underwear if I'm cold (I rarely bring pajamas with me), or naked. Usually I start off wearing something, but you know... plus he's a pretty excellent heater, so I get warmed up quickly.

  183. i know this post is from forever ago, but i linked back through the makeup discussion and have to say: i started sleeping in pjs when i no longer had someone else to keep me warm and i moved somewhere upsettingly cold. i got a heated mattress pad, though, and last night at about 3am i realized there was absolutely no reason to be wearing pjs and took them off. NAKED FOREVER.

  184. We are born naked. Nakedness is therefore the default state. I've been sleeping naked since I developed enough physical coordination to remove my own pjs without having to get out of bed, in other words, since I was about four. Now, my first reflex when getting home from work is to disrobe entirely (unless it's too cold to do so, in which case pants, at least, are done away with, if not sweatshirts). I sleep with a tank top (maybe, if I'm feeling charitable) and undies if I'm sleeping in the same bed as a platonic friend or a parent, but no other circumstances, not even bitter cold, can convince me to put on clothes to sleep. Naked sleeping is a RIGHT!

  185. I sleep in pyjama pants and a camisole. Girlfriend sleeps in pyjama pants only or a t-shirt and underwear. When I lived in hotter climes I would strip down in the summer, but not otherwise. To make things worse, when I was single I would frequently sleep in my clothes, underwire bra and all (which was kinda icky even then, so I'm glad I found a nice girl to remind me not to).

  186. I've always been in colder climates, some reeeally cold, and I have a pretty low body temperature. Totally open to being naked, go to nude beaches (when it's warm), etc. Most the dykes I know feel the same... but it gets cold at night. Also just got so used to sleeping clothed that even when it's warm I prefer clothes. It's gotten so that sleeping with my legs bare, rubbing against each other, just isn't comfy for me.

    I had a few flings where the girls would lend me pjs for the night too. It's definitely mixed

  187. I can't sleep naked at all. I need my shirt and my underwear, at the very least. I think it's a comfort thing for me too.

  188. I love jammies :) they're so comfortable and snuggly! But I don't buy actual pjs - my pjs consist of a boys t-shirt and leggings.

    I go by the general principle of:

    Sleeping with girlfriend = naked :]
    Sleeping without girlfriend = jammies :)

  189. i'm straight and i fucking hate wearing clothes to bed. Viva la nudity!!!!!!!!

  190. Every gay or bi person I've known well enough to know their sleeping habits has slept naked.

    Every straight person I've known well enough to know their sleeping habits has slept clothed.

    At least, this applies during/after college. In high school I never saw anyone else naked unless I was looking at porn. I would have slept naked for years, except that my family started doing foster care when I was nine and a lot of the kids coming in had been traumatized sexually and thus had some REALLY inappropriate boundaries.

    Then I moved out. And I was like "Woah...I can walk around naked. FOREVER."

  191. As long as I've had my own room (since leaving home) I've slept in the nude - until I got a nipple ring. Now I always wear a moderately tight tank top to keep it from flipping over in the night, GAH. Never underpants though!

  192. Dude no ew I thought sleeping naked only happened in sexy movies
    What about discharge?? and stubbly inner thighs?? And sensitive nipples??
    Boxers and a tank-top, allll theee wayyyyy.
    I'm pansexual, for your stats, lol

  193. Sometimes I suppose I sleep naked but most of the time I wear my undies and an old sports bra to bed. Honestly I would ditch the sports bra but people tend to think its alright to just barge into my bedroom... I avoid those awkward moments.

    But I am a straight woman... so.... Is it a straight woman thing or a me thing?

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