Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We're Out of Sponges Again

Morning, tribadists!

It's another beautiful day in Chicago.  

And by beautiful, I mean a searing, white-hot sky overhead, a heat index of 104 degrees, and a certain baby rabbit named Midgeon P. Bundlesworth III melting into a bun-puddle on my kitchen floor.
Poor Midgie.  

Bitch is not having it.

Anyway! while I was sweating my tits off this morning, I got a call from The Straightest Girl in the World.  

She was tanning in a beach chair in Seattle and wanted to let me know that "having a pool in your apartment building is just so luxurious!"
Isn't that awesome.

Besides bragging, Kelly also wanted to badger me with questions about being gay.  

So, because you need something to read while you suck down your iced latte and wait for work to start (I know you went in early for the air-conditioning, you sneaky little bitch)...

Um, Kelly Has a Question.

Q:   Ok, Krissie, so - usually in a straight couple, the girlfriend ends up still being the person in the relationship who cares more about what the house looks like and does stuff like planning dinner and doing dishes.  It kind of falls to her by default.  It's really annoying, and I'm not saying it's ok, but I was wondering:  What is that like for lesbians?  Who does what, chore-wise, when everybody's a girl?  

A:  Kelly, this is actually a great question!  And I hope a toddler craps in your pool.

Who's in charge of which household duties in a lesbian household?  

Did you mean, "If everyone is a girl, who does the 'girl' jobs?"
I have a feeling that's your real question.

Well.  Let's start.  
What's a 'girl' job?  
I think we know what classic girl jobs are.  

Cooking dinner.  Shopping for groceries.  Washing dishes.  Laundry.   Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing.  Defrosting the freezer.  
Anything that involves wearing rubber gloves, threading needles, or Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.

And what are classic 'boy' jobs?
Umm, let's see.  

Garage stuff.   Lawn care.  Taking out the garbage.  Fixing shit.  Anything involving hot coals and hunks of raw beef.  Changing lightbulbs, making the toilet work, hauling sofas up the stairs.  Killing spiders.

But that's all bullshit now.  
You hear me, Kelly?  Boool-sheeet.

Men stay home and look after babies.  
Women fix the Ford Windstar.  
Dudes bake cookies and ladies stop the sink from dripping.  

It's 2010, darlin' - it's anyone's guess who the bitch is now.

Since this isn't 1954, Kelly, I think the short answer to your question about dyke households is:

The one who does a particular chore is the one who cares more about getting that chore done.

For instance, at my house:  

CJ cooks dinner.  There are two reasons for this. 

1) CJ is a brilliant cook with a penchant for 'hiding' vegetables in recipes so I don't notice them; and 

2) I cannot cook, refuse to cook, and, were it left to me, would happily eat Peanut Butter Captain Crunch every night for the rest of my life. 

I could care less about cooking and good nutrition.  If left to my own devices, I eat like a child.  

I'll buy a value pack of something enormous (i.e. a large sack of jasmine rice) and eat it, three meals a day, until it's gone.  
Then I'll buy six watermelons and do the same thing.  

I do not care.

The goal for me is a full belly - you can do it the hard way and spend  hours making Jamaican Pork Stew with Yam, Beans, and Apple Cider-Braised Kale, or you can do it the easy way and buy yourself a fuckload of green grapes and Nutella.
CJ cares more about dinner, so...CJ cooks.

My job is to wash the dishes, which coincidentally, is the chore that CJ hates most.

It's only fair. 

Kelly, I will say that when you're dealing with two lesbians, the division of labor seems...fairer than the deal that I've seen some straight relationships cut.  

Nobody should have to shop for groceries, cook the meal, and clean up afterwards.  That's re-goddamned-diculous. 

Lesbians, as a whole (heh) seem to have a firm grip on what is fair when it comes to dividing up the chores.

CJ lifts heavy stuff in our house - not because she's the butch, but because I have the upper-arm strength of a deer fetus.
I have a pathological need to have a bathroom so clean you could eat a snack inside the toilet, so I always clean the bathroom. 
CJ cleans out the bunny cage, but I sweep up.

You might be tempted to think that gayelles fall into stereotypical roles - like, whoever is more butch does the 'manly' jobs.  And sometimes that's true - I know butch/femme couples where there's a girly-girl who makes dinner in a ruffly apron while the butch dyke hoses out the gutters.  
                                                [via closetdiaries]

But the difference between straights and gays, in this instance, is - say it with me! - irony.  

It's funny to be all Leave It To Beaver when you're a homosexual - it's like playing house! 

It's fun to play at stereotypical gender roles when you're two women that fuck each other on a regular and unholy basis. 
                                             [via robotsnhearts]

But not all lesbians are butches or femmes, obvs.

What do two butches in a relationship do about chores?  
What would two femmes do?  
How would a sporty-dyke and a boi divide household duties?  

There are centipedes in every house, Kelly, and those centipedes have to die!!!  Who's going to do it?  Who's going to fucking do it????

The answer is simple - the one who is less afraid.  

                                                [via leahjeane]

Kelly, I would hope (I would fucking hope, in this day and age) that all couples, regardless of sexual orientation, take stock of each person's talents and use them accordingly to divide up chores.  

The one that doesn't clean is the one who gets up every morning to let the dog out.  

The one that always unclogs the drain gets let off the hook when you find maggots in the flour.

Fair's fair, Kells.  
There are clothes to wash and buttons to sew back on.  
There's motorcycles to fix and cats who need their claws clipped.  Dinner has to be made and DVDs have to get returned - whoever is more bothered and has time is the one who's going to do the chore.
                                             (via hello bum)

Lesbians are not mythical sparkling endangered white pandas from a planet where everyone knows how to cook and the houses smell like french-vanilla candles.

We're women who fuck each other and live together and use the same bathroom.  
Just like you, Kelly, we have to negotiate things like whose turn it is to buy Q-tips ("They have to actually be Q-tips, baby, don't buy the off-brand kind like you did last time, unless you want me to have a punctured eardrum") and whose turn it is to deal with the landlord.  

Just because we're two girls doesn't mean the apartment is always clean.  Just because we're women doesn't mean we have a pie cooling on the counter and the plants don't die.
                                          [via baubauhaus]

There are crusty dishes in every relationship.  


And Kells?  For god's sake, withhold sex if you think you're getting a raw deal.
                                               (by MKestfou)

Homos, for Kelly's benefit, let me open this up for discussion:

How do chores work at your house?


  1. She cooks, I do the laundry.
    She fixes the cars, I assemble the furniture and paint.
    She makes the bed, I vacuum.
    She cleans the bathroom, I kill any and all bugs (if I'm lucky this happens before she finds them and has a panic attack).
    We do the grocery shopping, dishes, and most yard work together.

  2. I cook and she fucks me. Fine by me!

    1. Here, here! I'll drink to that :)

  3. Kris, I can definitely vouch for you eating like a child. Whenever you come visit, my house is filled with food that I ate in 2nd grade! And, sadly, I have witnessed you eating infinity times infinity bowls of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.

    Also. I love that Lisa Frank photo.

    Finally. Thanks for clearing this up. You are such a helper!

  4. I used to do *everything*. Literally everything. She couldn't be bothered to even clean her own cats litterbox.

    As a result - I live alone again.

    Happily without her, or her cat.

  5. household not yet shared, but i'd imagine it's going to be much like the above. i hate grocery shopping. so taking the gf with me makes it much more bearable :D and then i cook us delicious things! since i'm also super into doing things my way (and treating my lady) i also clean up the dishes. but later she gives me a lovely shoulder rub, so it evens out. i also imagine she's more into things being "clean" while i'm more into them being "orderly." HUZZAH!

  6. Bunnies are cool. I love em! Mine are outside and love the sun. Type casting will never die unless everyone gets a open mind

  7. Nobody should have to shop for groceries, cook the meal, and clean up afterwards. That's re-goddamned-diculous.


    don't mind me while i make that into a t-shirt.

    luckily, i live alone, so i don't have to divide shit (which is how i like it), LOL. but if i could, i'd get someone else to do the laundry and clean the cat litter box ~ maybe i should add that to my okcupid profile...

  8. We almost always do grocery shopping together. I do the cooking, because I can. Sometimes she cooks to be nice, but then I have to pretend it's good and the spaghetti isn't crunchy or hitting my stomach like gravel. She cuts the grass because she would actually prefer to do that over sitting on the computer reading blogs. Weird right?

    We can both fix stuff, but it's better if we don't attempt to fix something together because we go about it differently.

  9. Why'd you change sandalwood to French vanilla? Were you like, "Oops, the gays actually love sandalwood?" Because I certainly do.

  10. *She cooks (and sneaks in veggies--cut VERY teeny tiny so I don't notice them and get more nutrition than my diet coke and nicotine diet provides). :)
    * I water plants, dust, decorate, all the girly shit sans an apron (though she'd looooove that).
    * She kills the ants in the shower, takes out the garbage, and feeds our two spoiled puppies at 4 am, and packs me a lunch (sometimes with a cute haiku in it).

    It's good to make this list once in a while just to remind yourself of how very lucky you, ahem, I am.

  11. We just do the chores the other one hates, it works like a charm

  12. "CJ lifts heavy stuff in our house - not because she's the butch, but because I have the upper-arm strength of a deer fetus." so so funny, and accurate :)
    Glad to see my lady made a list for you above. although she is right, I would enjoy her dusting, watering plants and rearranging our photos in an apron.

  13. I've got a serious question that's unrelated to your post, Kristie. Rabbits are obviously great, and the best way to enjoy them is to let them roam your house freely, but don't they shit everywhere? I've been thinking about rabbits a lot recently, but I can't get past that.

  14. She cooks (because I burn water), I do the dishes because she cooks. She fixes stuff because she enjoys doing that, but if there's something that I wanna fix, she lets me do it. I organize the hell outta the place, she vacuums and dusts (my two least favorite chores), and we both do laundry and grocery shop and all that jazz.
    And we're two non-identified butch-ish women.

  15. Well first let me say perhaps its time for another trip to Seattle. You've made friends here since your last visit that also have pools and boy we are suffering in this 78 degree heat!

    Well let me tell you what the dynamic is when you come down with a chronic illness. My partner, lovely enough to stick it out, got the motherfucker of raw deals.

    She cooked, cleaned, and took out the dishes, laundry, caretaked my sorry ass...
    Witholding sex didn't work cuz I was too sick to enjoy it anyway.
    But funny, no matter how sick I got I was always in charge of safely removing bugs from the house (what is it with all you people squishing bugs, trap them and let them go. Unless its a flea or a tick than kill the little disease carrying bastards).

    Feeling better and things are starting to even out. I cook when I can. She still gets stuck with the dishes. We both pick up. We both shop for food. She more often does the laundry, but I try to pitch in.

    I still am the bug whisperer.

  16. Our chores are not always fixed but mostly we divide them like this:
    I cook, do laundry, and empty the litter-box. Cleaning the house and groceries are shared. She cleans the toilet and bathroom. She moves bugs and spiders outside (or perhaps kills them if I'm not looking). We both do repairs. She takes out the trash.

    Very recently spent a couple of days in Chicago and found the heat unbearable... Poor Midge...
    Really liked the city though...And I love your blog, thank you for sharing!

  17. "Nobody should have to shop for groceries, cook the meal, and clean up afterwards. That's re-goddamned-diculous."


  18. great post. so very true. wish every relationship in the world worked by 'i will do the thing i hate less and you do the thing you hate less.' as someone in a committed femme/butch relationship, i would say our lives function approx. the same (except with a bit of cheating aka investing in a roomba, paying to get the laundry washed, folded, and delivered, and of course, loading up the dishwasher - hey it's the little luxuries in life!)
    because i'm very busy though, i would say she does most of the daily chores whereas i do most of the deepcleaning once a week...

  19. From Feral Cat:

    She bought the condo on the 11th floor,I bought the condo on the 10th floor.
    Femme on top, butch on the bottom.

    Her home is ready for Architectural Digest's photographer at all times.
    My home is the happy, relaxed, fun place. Me and two furry, shedding cat's hanging out with their toys, my toys and 1,000 hairballs.

    She fixes fancy sit down meals with candles.
    I fix the fast thrown together meals, that are just as tasty and more inventive.

    She sizes up our new acquaintances with scarey accuracy.
    I get dazzled by their charisma.

    I am so our chauffeur, I might as well get the freaking cap. In our seventeen years, she has driven 12 miles - no lie.

    She shops.
    I work.

    In fact I better get back to work now.

  20. oh i LOVE it when we get to talk about ourselves! the chore division in my household is similar to yours, OP, in that my girlfriend is the better cook and i LOVE having shiny bathroom fixtures. however, neither of us like cleaning floors, so we just have dirty floors. i deal with insects, she does the dishes; sometimes i wear the strap-on, sometimes she does.

    (Pps. Poor bun. Know what she'd like? Put two damp towels (NOT WET) in the freezer for an hour or so. Take one out, put a small blanket over it, and set her on the cool towel. (A fan helps too.) Then when it's warm again, put it back in the freezer, take the still cold one out and just keep swapping them!!))

    I live separate from my partner, but my roomie and I have a deal.

    You make a mess you clean it the fuck up before the other gets home.

    Two bois one flat. The next MTV Reality.

    She takes a massive shit and forgets to flush? She takes care of it the second she hears me gagging at the stank.

    I try to make "special brownies" and fail and light the apartment on fire? I clean up pronto, and hope she doesn't notice when she gets home that I burned her mothers brownie pan and that the dope stash is significantly smaller.

    For the little things like Vacuuming and Emptying the dishwasher? Generally we do chores together. She vacuums, and I empty the dishwasher, and then I clean the bathroom and she starts hunting in the couch for quarters for our laundry.

    I cook? She does pots and pans, she cooks, I do pots and pans.

    This only counts for living room/kitchen/bathroom/balcony stuff.
    When it comes to our bedrooms...

    It's anarchy.

    When I was a kid, I was the one who was happy to help clean your room, or just do it for you. I don't mind if you like a clean room.

    My room could be a biohazard.
    I am a SLOB.
    I have 2 year old pizza boxes under my bed and stacks of CDs without cases everywhere. The dust on my window ledge is an inch thick. There are stains in the nice off-white carpet from the time I spilled a whole bottle of red wine.
    You can't see most of the floor because it's covered in clothes. (I smell-check every article of clothing I put on in the morning.)

    But, as long as I use liberal amounts of air-freshener and don't let my filth tumble into the rest of the place, it's all good.

    If I lived with my partner though.. I'd probably have to change my filthy ways...

    When I lived with my previous girlfriend though it was VERY different.
    She was superduper butch.
    At the time I was a little more femme lookin'.
    She fixed cars and lifted and opened jars and squashed bugs.
    I made food, cleaned house, and did laundry.
    It was fun! (Like playing house!)

    Love this post.

  22. I think your bun would really like a little spay of water on her fur and a nice low-set fan to lay under.
    A damp frozen towel under her belly would feel good too.
    (And cold veggies to nibble if she's allowed.)

    As for chores? I do the girly things sans cooking. I can't cook. My sweetheart puts bugs outside (if the cats don't eat them first.) and fixes my bicycle when I get angry at it (often) and she brings home the groceries on her way home from work since she has a car and I have a bicycle and can't drive. We share laundry (and clothes) and we take turns monthly for cable/internet bills, she pays more rent, because I make less cash.


  23. I love this post. My own personal "random super straight friend has a question" moments almost always involve "so who's the man in the relationship?" They are inferring that they want to know who has the traditionally masculine roles and chores. Usually I just respond, "there isn't one, that's the point."

    And it is.

    The roles are set up for convenience, fairness, and respect. Most of the time everyone has an equal number of hated chores to go with the ones they could care less about. Those are easy to divide. If there are chores you both hate, you take turns. If you're better at something and it needs to be done right, do it. It's relationship socialism.

    I agree that gay (at least lesbian) relationships tend to be more equal because our relationships don't come with a his and hers column of rules written in the 1950s.

  24. shudder - chores... I've heard of them...

    I cook when I feel like eating something that I cooked - she does the washing and the dishes and most of the cleaning.

    Sometimes I will bring in outside help - just so long as I don't have to do it!

    The animals get fed by whoever they yell at the loudest ;)

    We're both pretty messy though - a lot more like 22 year old males than 38+41 yr old women with professions and a mortgage. Our house tends to be filled with dust, fur and half chewed up dog bones...

    I'm a high femme and she's a sporty tomboy.

  25. Firstly...what is this phenomenon you are all talking about? Hot weather? *looks puzzled*..try being in England, where we have had all of a week of 'hot' weather...it is presently 15 degrees c (err so what, 58 F?). it is not hot and it is certainly not hot enough to even think about a pool. In fact, it's raining right now *sigh*...one day...im coming to live in the US...


    ATM im single and living as a single gal should - messy if it's just me...if a lady is coming over..then the flat is tidy, clean and smells like a Japanese Lotus Garden...

    previous girlfriend?
    I cooked (as watching/hearing/knowing she was cooking would give me kittens)
    she did the dishes.
    She did the lawn, i fixed things, i did the laundry, she hoovered, groceries was a chore best done together (and plus i like being couply in shops, its the antagonist in me)...
    the ex may have been an arse, but at least she let me smoke inside!

    As many have said before, its all about doing the jobs that you dont mind...esp if you know your girl hates it...

    I kinda look forward to the next time I get serious, I like playing house! :)

  26. Hm. I think I like our arrangement now.

    I cook because I like to.
    He does dishes.
    I make our money.
    He takes care of the baby while I'm at work.
    I drive us places.
    He does laundry.
    Either one of us will clean the bathrooms, vaccuum, take care of the creepy crawlies, and put the kid to bed.
    OH he does breakfast, too.

    We both deal with the side-eye we get in our small rural town when someone asks who stays home with the baby all day while I work.

  27. My sis is a returning lez. I say this because she is getting a divorce from her hubby. We all knew where her heart belonged. But I've seen her apartments in both parts of her life. And she is all over the place. One day she wants to be the go-to person for bugs and heavy stuff. The next, she wants to play merry homemaker and knit a sweater. She points fingers at me, cuz I'm straight and I am a "merry little housewife" who cuts coupons AND changes out the old faucets for the new. She doesn't realize that the stereotypical gender roles I bend she bends as well. In her eyes, she's totally butch and "hardcore". While the rest of us see her treat her dog like a marshmallow-rainbow so delicate it sleeps on a pillow. Idk what to think about it anymore. I like the dusting and cooking. But don't ask me to put away the laundry. I f*****g hate that!

  28. we don't live together but we hook up and when there was a cockroach crawling along the floor we both literally stopped dead in our tracks and whispered an argument as to who would "take care" of it. But I wasn't going to fucking do it. Just cause we're both femme doesn't mean I'm getting the raw end of the deal. And yes, the raw end of the deal is squishing roaches.

  29. Arrrgh! I hate chores. Currently I don't do anything until my place is disgusting.
    If a girl's coming over then I clean the bathroom and try to make my place look a little less like it's owned by a slob.

    I can't cook, so I live off of minute rice and chocolate lucky charms. Hehe.
    I don't care about dirty shoes on my hardwood so I don't have a rack.
    I never fold/put away laundry. (I smell check everything I wear before I leave the house, and if it smells funky I spray it with vanilla scented body spray.)

    Ew I'm gross.

  30. we both cook.
    we both clean.
    i feed the cats, she does the litter.
    i fold the laundry, she cleans the garlic press (i hate it. i don't know why.)
    i vacuum, she mops.

    the super fixes everything else.

  31. Ok token straight here but I've always been the bug killer in my relationships and most of the guys I've dated have been far better cooks than I am. Kelly you need to lay down the law or start dating more sons of single mothers.

  32. we share and share and share.
    i cook
    she does the dishes
    she puts shit together
    i cut the lawn
    i'm obsessed with compost so i layer, water, and turn it
    we take turns feeding and watering the chickens
    i garden, but she helps me if i ask
    we clean the house together
    but i love to scrub the bathroom
    and she likes to tidy up
    And we both kill chickens together when they fall ill with help from another dyke-friend
    and we both change bicycle tires, but i am quicker with it
    i've really missed her pipes helping lift heavy things now that she is pregnant, but i love taking pictures of her flashing me, big boobies and belly abounding, while she goes out to take care of the chickens

  33. The problem in my household is that I'm *always* the one who is more bothered. So most of the housework falls by default to me, unless I feel like asking her a million times a week to do things. ("Baby can you wipe the counters? Can you straighten the pillows? Can you throw away the moldy leftovers from last week that you said you were going to eat for lunch? Can you empty the drain? Can you rinse the sink after you brush your teeth so your spit doesn't crystallize?" et fucking cetera.) She does do the dishes, I'll grant her that.

    It's a work in progress. And, yes, I do sometimes feel like a 1950's housewife.

  34. Once at a large family gathering I mentioned, simply and without judgement, that my gf still believed that a fairy came and cleaned the frig every week. My mother responded quickly "well she's right, one does"

  35. She cleans the kitty litter and is in charge of gross things down drains, plumbing issues, heavy lifting and cleaning the bathroom. I cook, do dishes and do most of the laundry. We take turns walking the dog. It's a pretty sweet arrangement, although I would love it if she did dishes after I cooked.... but we can't have everything now, can we?

  36. My partner and I are quite versatile. I like to build stuff and haul stuff, and unscrew jar lids. But I also like to make tomato sauce all day and then can it. But my secret is that spiders scare the shit out of me. So she kills spiders for me :)
    She wears all the gorgeous dresses, but sometimes wears overalls and can wield a shovel with serious intensity. She also beat me at arm wrestling.

  37. I'm with ya on not caring what I eat. That's why I'm lucky he cooks. ;)

  38. In 17 years we have both done it all. We also have a maid and lawn service, which is the best idea ever. She teaches and is off in the summer so she does tons more, then during the school year I pick up a lot of the load. We have raised a boy together, he is 15. She birthed him and now I am teaching him to drive. The freedom of being two women is we do not have to be stuck in gender job/roles BS. I love being gay.

  39. i passed this post along to my girlfriend, and we took a moment to consider the way we divvy up chores.

    apparently, i "fold things weird" and i leave bits of food stuck on the dishes after washing them, so that's why she takes over laundry and dish duty. we both love to cook, so it depends on who is feeling more inspired that evening. (though she does the lion's share.)

    however, i am the computer/gadget/hooking stuff up expert, and i can use the weed-whacker without breaking the thread-thingie every 10 seconds.

    we are both adept at using the electric drill, and both unskilled at starting a fire in the fire pit (for that, we enlist our ex-girl scout friends with executive campfire realness experience.)

    anyway, great post--if anything, it provided a chance for my girlfriend to cheerfully remind me that my dish-washing abilities sorely need improvement.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. I scream, flee the house in a fit of panic, and come back inside only to find that she "let it run into my closet." So, it stalks me later at 3am when I'm trying to take a shit, unsuccessful.

    1 terrified femme
    + 1 boi that is a poor excuse for a killer

    I can say that now because we're moving, so when the army of centipede orphans and refugees read this and start a mass exodus to my house, some BU girls will have to deal, NOT US.

  42. Chore wheel! Then again, I only have queer roomies and not a significant other. But I am a big fan of the chore wheel!

  43. I shop and cook mostly because I love doing it but also because my ADORED partner of 10 years "would rather die" than do it. We have a new saying in our house inherited from my cockney brother in law " I would rather eat my own testicles" mostly used when we are called upon to go to family gatherings on my side of the family. Me: "baby PLEASE go with me to my parent's mormon mission farewell at the local mormon church because I HATE going alone with all those fucking people"..... Pammy:"I would rather eat my own testicles." Me:"Could you make some dinner baby I'm on my way home from an exhausting 12 hour ICU shift?" ...Pammy: "Lets eat out 'cause I'd rather eat my own testicles" hahahaha. She cleans behind me; as I make a massive mess when I cook and we are entertaining family at our house. I scrub the toilets because If I didn't they would grow mold and stay that way. She feeds the dogs, I walk them. I am WAY to ADD to finish cleaning the kitchen once I start. she finishes it but maybe not until tomorrow. We TOTALLY raised the kids absolutely together though, and now they are grown up. We have such a great life. and I would rather eat my own testicles than change anything about it.

  44. my girlfriend and i are still students and quite poor so at the moment we usually cook for ourselves and wash up after ourselves.

    that basically means that if she cooks something, she makes it for herself... but cooks extra because she knows i'll need energy to get all that washing up done.

    i vacuum and clean up after the cat, she cleans the bathroom and i wash up most nights unless there's something particularly horrible that has been left in the fridge in which case she saves me from it.

    it all works out somehow!

  45. Repeated, well-designed studies in social psychology have shown that division of domestic labour is much more equitable in same-sex relationships than opposite relationships. The result? Higher relationship satisfaction.

    Other studies also show higher sexual satisfaction in same-sex relationships (researchers believe it is due to 1. "you know what you like" and 2. better communication). Also leading to higher relationship satisfaction.

    Researchers were surprised to find significantly higher satisfaction levels due to teh fact that same-sex couples often receive social stigma.

    Studies excerpted from Intimate Relationships, Miller & Perlman, 3rd edition. Best textbook you will ever read. The relationship advice sections of bookstores should be cleared out and replaced with this book. Education is the path to successful relationships, huzzah!

  46. So.....I am late to the party, but thought I should tell you that I just found this post and nearly pee'd myself laughing so hard. In fact, I will tell it...I DID pee myself a little bit.

    The wife and I share chores as much as possible, but she works a hell of a lot and I don't. Therefore, I clean more. But whatever. We both kill spiders. We both clean up poo from the dogs.


  47. LMFAO I know this is old as hell, but Chariss^^ shared this post on ScaryMommy.com and I couldn't *not* drop a comment!

    I laughed so hard, I scared the shit out of the spawn!