Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hi kids!
Let's play Spot The Homo!

Find the gay girl in this picture. (Hint: there's only one.)

Point to her with your finger.

The girl you're pointing at is probably the only one that likes it when you poke her with your finger.
Attention Samantha Ronson! Did you know your girlfriend is straight?
'Cause everyone else knows.

Aww, fuckit. I can't stand it. I can't stand it! I HAVE to talk about Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend Samantha. I'm sorry, but I just can't hold it in anymore. It's like trying to hold in a fart for so long that your ears start bleeding.

Lindsay Lohan is gay the way that Burger King sells "flame-broiled" burgers. Yeah effing right!

After eight or nine bad movies, Lindsay has figured out she can't act. She needed a new hook! And what better way to set tongues a-waggin' than to pick up a starving dyke DJ and force her into stardom by giving her Celebriherpes?

Now, my heart goes out to Sam because I have a soft spot for anorexic-boi types. It's because I'm a sick fuck. The hungrier they look, the more I wanna feed 'em. Bring on the clavicle bones!

Now, from just the few photos posted here, we have conclusive evidence that Sam is a True Gay. Observe her classic poses for the camera - the cocky peace sign; the upturned amused look; combined with the "aggressive confidence/no actual confidence" manner so peculiar to bois? Gay. Gaaaay.

There's not an ounce of dyke sass coming from Linds. She's so femmy she', straight.

Here's another fun game: Try to picture Lindsay and Sam having sex. Can you do it? I can. Do you hear that funny noise? That's their hipbones grinding each other into dust!
Omigod, do you think when they're alone, they like, borrow each other's clothes and stuff? That would be soooo cool!

That's why I would date girls.


  1. you are ah-may-zing

  2. Hey Sunshine ... you obviously perfect at this.
    (can't believe y'all love these super skinny winks)

  3. can you delete my last post? there was a typo. i can't be seen with a typo. (happy emoticon)

  4. Haha, your blog is great! :D

  5. holy shit, i just found your blog, and this shit is killing me!! you are so badass!! thanks!

  6. hah, wrong about this one eh krista!

  7. Ah well I must say that ya Samantha is really gay and Lindsay a bisexual person - and not really straight as she already crossed the puss-ey line and it wasn't exactly for college purposes lol
    But I can totally imagine Lindsay having sexy-time hehe with Sam and maybe other girls and she has that drug-abuse-n-slutty-face... kinda .. well can't explain..
    Not sure tho if Sam thought it was true love because clearly it wasn't , not even for a sec but if she was down to earth and assumed it was for fun and was having a fun time, what's the problemo?

  8. Since when can you look like a sexual orientation?